Where to Find Me

First, you go south on the highway and take the exit where you see a field of cattle . . . Oh, not that find me.

Facebook: JulieGloverWriter (where you can friend me)

AuthorJulieGlover (where you can follow me)

Twitter: @Julie_Glover

Email: juliegloverwrites@gmail.com

Café Express or Starbucks: Yeah, I’m at one of those places at least once a week, writing or editing. Come on by and say hello!

One thought on “Where to Find Me

  1. Hi there! I found your blog while searching for the origin of Duck, Duck Goose. Sound familiar? I loved your article and would like to share the thoughts that prompted me to look it up. I heard someone talking today about attitude and how to maintain peace in the face of difficult people. Someone else said, “Be like a duck. Let it roll right off your back.” And bam, this expression and the game of Duck, Duck, Goose combined for me. I thought back to playing the game as a child. “It” walks around proclaiming who is a duck and then selecting the one who’s not a duck, who’s instead a goose. The goose, perhaps not as secure as the more mature ducks, the ducks with good attitudes, who let things go, becomes upset and is compelled to chase “it”. What happens then? “It” takes his/her chair or place, and actually, his/her Peace of Mind. I felt such a strong connection to that idea that I wanted to find out if there is any cultural history that may explain the game as a way of introducing the idea to children while they are young so that as they mature, they can make this connection more easily, as I just did today. Anyway, fascinating. If you find out, please email me, I’d love to know. I’m a duck in training. And hey, keep writing!

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