What Kind of Summer Person Are You?

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I vaguely recall the lazy days of summer when I would contemplate whether to lay out and get a tan, watch a movie, hang out at the mall for a few hours, or read a book. Alas, with adulthood and responsibilities come the hazy days of summer, when the lack of schedule creates a mental fog with me often asking “What day of the week is it?” yet the ongoing demands of writing and parenting require me to get the same amount of work done in half the time.

For today’s Deep-Fried Friday, I would like to know how it’s going for you! Here’s my quiz to see how you are approaching summer. What kind of summer person are you?

1. It’s Monday again. Do you:

a.  Run out the door to work just like you do in November with a cup of caffeine in hand. Who the heck are these people who get to sleep late in July?
b.  Set your alarm clock for an hour later than usual, then pop up out of bed and get crackin’. You have a little more flexibility, but there are still things to be done.
c.  Sleep until your cell phone rings at almost noon, grumpily answer and hear your friend asking if you fell off the face of the earth…again.

2. Your vacation plans this summer include:

a.  A day off each for Independence Day and Labor Day, during which you’ll probably work a little at home.
b.  A trip to a camping site and amusement park where the family can relax and have fun.
c.  A two-week excursion to a Caribbean resort where you’ll turn off your phone, sip margaritas, and work on your tan. If your editor can’t find you, too bad.

3. In preparation for summer, which supplies did you purchase?

a.  A lighter weight bra, ponytail holders, and a desk fan.
b.  A new bikini, beach towels, a pool pass, bug spray, sunscreen, and flip-flops.
c.  Three new swimsuits, a surfboard, several cases of beer, and a new pair of Ray Bans.

Kayla Ewell, Vampire Diaries actress

4. The outside thermometer tops 95 degrees. You:

a.  Had no idea it was that hot until you got into your car at the end of the workday and got your hand burned by touching the steering wheel.
b.  Scoop up your friends or children and head to the local ice cream parlor or snow cone hut to cool off.
c.  Pull out your inflatable pool float and relax in your back yard pool with an iced tea. What better time to take a swim?

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5. This summer, you’ve mostly been outdoors to:

a.  Pump gas into the car. It needs to be filled every week.
b.  Visit the neighborhood pool or do a little shopping at a nearby center.
c.  It would be easier to state the times you’ve been indoors–mainly to use the bathroom, eat, and sleep.

6. There are a lot of blockbuster movies released over the summer. So far, you’ve seen:

a.  The Avengers. You found one free weekend, and this was the movie showing at the nearest theater at a time you could watch.
b.  The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Brave. You have a few more on your list to check off before the summer is over.
c.  All of those plus several others. When it rains and you can’t go outside, you take a nap or go see a movie.

7. Your daily fashion for summer consists of:

a.  A sheath dress, pumps, and a jacket in case the air conditioning is running too cold.
b.  Capri pants or shorts, a blouse, and decorative flip-flops.
c.  A string bikini and a sarong.

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Now it’s time for results.

Summer Scrooge. All or mostly a’s. Lighten up. It’s summertime! Call your boss and tell them you’re taking a day off. Then grab your friends or family and get yourself to the nearest beach, pool, or water park. Don’t leave until you’ve forgotten your work phone number and turned some shade of pink. Finish off the day with cooking on the grill and lying on a hammock. In thirty to sixty days, repeat.

Summer Sweetie. All or mostly b’s. You’re striking a good balance of enjoying your summer. Don’t forget your to-do list entirely, but keep finding ways to amuse yourself and your family during these hot summer months. Cherish the summer fun, make some memories, and be sure to take photos. You’ll want to remember “that summer we went to the children’s museum and built that Lego sculpture” or “that shopping trip on the coast where I bought the oversized straw hat and espradilles.”

Summer Slacker. All or mostly c’s. Unless you are a trust fund child or just waiting for the filming on your movie to begin next month, you have gone too far. If you have nothing more to do than sleep late and catch some rays, you need to find a nearby charity and volunteer. The world does keep turning during this season, and you might want to complete at least one project or task over the summer.

So how did you score? What kind of summer person are you? And how is your summer going?