Do You Have a Book Twin?

I have recently discovered a fellow author who substantially shares my taste in fiction. We’ve had a marvelous time breaking down books we liked and books we didn’t like and discussing why. Our reasons align so well, it’s a little eerie.

Consequently, I’ve been calling her my “book twin” in my head. I’m fairly confident that if she recommends a book, I’ll enjoy it. And if she pans a book, I can safely stay away.

Do you have a book twin?

Who is that person who can reliably give you a book recommendation? Where do you turn for suggestions on what to read next? Do you ever read books at the same time as someone else — knowing you’ll enjoy the ensuing discussion¬†almost as much as the book?

Julie reading
One of our recent simultaneous reads.

For years, I was involved in a book club, but we disbanded a while ago due to changing schedules and dwindling attendance. Even within that club, there were people with whom I was more likely to agree than others. I took their recommendations seriously and thus discovered some fabulous books.

It’s a good idea to have a book twin (or triplets, etc.) — someone who shares your reading taste and is willing to discuss what worked and what didn’t in a particular book. That interaction encourages me to read more and deepens my experience with the novel. As a writer, it also gets me thinking about what makes a good story.

So thanks to my book twin! (You know who you are!) I really look forward to reading our next joint pick — well, right after I read my book twin’s latest novel first. ūüôā

ROW80 Update

And now for my A Round of Words in 80 Days family — a whole group of writing “siblings” (or are you the weird cousin at the reunion?) dedicated to achieving our individual goals over the 80 days of the round.

1.¬†Read 12 books. Read #11,¬†Dirty Magic¬†by Jaye Wells, and #11 1/2 with a novelette,¬†Once Upon a New Year’s Eve by Kait Nolan (both fiction).¬†Almost there!

2.¬†Complete two drafts of short stories. One story is already done for this round. I worked on the second story, yet struggled because something just felt off. Then I brainstormed with some fellow writers on Thursday, and they helped me figure out where I’d gotten off track and where to go with it. I expect to make far better progress next week with a clearer direction.¬†Worked on it, but not quite there.

3. Take care of ROW80 sponsor responsibilities. Combed through Sunday and Wednesday updates, saw lots of progress, and made comments. Done.

4. Edit at least once through Good & Guilty, young adult mystery Sharing Hunter, young adult contemporary. Since it had been a while since working on this novel, I had to reorient myself a bit. I did a little tweaking then delved in. Reworked a chapter. Nothing exciting, but headed in the right direction.

How do you get reading recommendations? Do you have a “book twin” or a book club? And how was your week?