New Gadget Love, Immersion, and an Update

Running graphic
By Parutakupiu (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Welcome to Scarlet Thread Sunday, the day I throw out a thread of something I’ve learned in the labyrinth of life. Today, however, we’re running through the labyrinth because I don’t have a lot of time. I’m in Dallas, Texas today starting Day 1 of writing coach Margie Lawson’s famed Immersion Master Class. For the next few days, I’ll be culling through my manuscript and finding ways to make it shine.

So here are my quick shares today!

Gadget Love

I have been through this city umpteen times. I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “I always get lost in Dallas!” Seriously, you Dallasites (-ians?) need to petition for better signage for roads and exits. BUT my new Toyota Camry (which I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, Naming Your Car) has a navigation system built in.

Good gravy, I adore this gadget! If I could hug it, I would.

I did not get lost once. Moreover, it told me not only where to go but which lane to get in well advance of my exits. I even made it through a labyrinth of road construction.

I have no inborn sense of direction. The saying in my family is that some of us can’t find our derrieres with both hands and a map. So as soon as someone figures out how to load a navigation system into my brain, I’m there: Test Subject.


Way back when, I won a lecture packet from writing coach Margie Lawson on a blog. I worked through the lessons and was impressed with what I learned. I bought another packet. I took an online course. Then I talked to someone who was looking to get Margie Lawson to bring her immersion class to Dallas.

Well, Dallas is a lot closer to Houston than Colorado! So I threw in with the lot of these fabulous writers, and here I am. We’ll be spending four days working on our manuscripts and getting them to NYT Bestseller quality.

No pressure, right?

ROW80 Update

With that in mind, here is my progress from last week for A Round of Words in 80 Days:

  • Read 8 fiction books. I’ve read 10. On #11.
  • Read one craft book: Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies by Deborah Halverson. Behind on this goal. I’m about halfway through.
  • Visit and comment on ROW80 blogs as a Round 2 sponsor. Done.
  • Finish writing GOOD & GUILTY, YA mysteryDone.
  • Complete round of edits of GOOD & GUILTY SHARING HUNTER. I was feeling bad about not finishing the rewrite, until I saw last week’s update. Basically, y’all, I’ve rewritten half of the book in one week. So it’s about 3/4 done.
  • Write one short storyDone.
  • Edit two short stories–one needs a final polish, the other a full edit. Not yet.
  • Prepare for and attend DFW Conference in MayDone.
  • Prepare for and attend Immersion Master Class with Margie Lawson in June. Ready or not…!

So how was your week? What’s going on this week for you? Do you have any new gadgets that you want to hug or implant in your brain?