My Words: A Homegrown Lullaby

Welcome to Amazing Words Wednesday, the day we enter the labyrinth of language and see what we can discover. On Wednesdays, I talk about grammar, punctuation, etymology, and anything else informative or fun about the English language. But on the first Wednesday of the month, I share my own words–something I’ve written.

I’ve been writing novels for almost six years, but I’ve been writing song lyrics since I was a kid. I’ve always loved music and pretty or poignant lyrics. Maybe my inspiration was Barry Manilow. Maybe it was Mac Davis (anyone else remember his show where he wrote songs on the spot?). Maybe it was just my love of words and music combined.

Anyway, when I was a young mother with an colicky baby, I did more than my share of late night bouncing and rocking to get my little boy to sleep. He had a penchant for staying up long past his bedtime (and still does). To calm him, and frankly to pass the time for myself, I composed a lullaby. Click the video below to listen, or scroll down to read the lyrics:

I want to dance the baby waltz
Holding you in my arms tonight
We will rock side to side
Across the room we will glide
‘Til your eyes shut so tight

I want to dance the baby waltz
Will you follow if I lead?
Counting 1-2-3, 1-2-3
Baby, please dance with me
‘Til you’re fast asleep

I know you are tired
Your eyelids are heavy
Your mouth stretches to a yawn
It’s way past your bedtime
But if you’ll go to sleep now
We’ll wake up together at dawn

I want to dance the baby waltz
Holding you in my arms tonight
As we dance, each eye closes
And soon Baby dozes
Mama loves you
Sweet dreams, sleep tight

Do you have a favorite lullaby? Have you ever written a song? (Do you know a record company that wants to buy my song…for big bucks? 😉 )