Losing a Pet and ROW80

Welcome to Scarlet Thread Sunday, the day I share something I’ve learned in the labyrinth of life. This post is shorter than usual, since I’m mostly on blogging vacation.

Last week I found out that one of our cats had advanced kidney disease. He had reached the point of not eating much, moving very little, and even stumbling. There was little we could do for him, and the most compassionate choice was putting him down.

So we did. My husband and I stood nearby in the vet’s office and petted him as he passed peacefully.

So what have I learned? Well, this is the second time we’ve had to put a cat down, and the fifth time I’ve lost a pet. Yet as hard as it is to care for pets and then lose them, it’s been worth it to me. I experience a better life and become a better person by caring for others, even furry others.

So rest in peace, Hermes. You were a good cat…and a great mouser.

Hermes the cat

One final note: When I posted about my loss on Facebook and Twitter, the outpouring from the writer community was beautiful. My thanks to all who graciously expressed their sympathy and well-wishes.

ROW80 Update

As you can imagine, two days were pretty much blown from taking our cat to the vet, then putting him down and grieving his loss. I also visited family and friends on a couple of days last week, so my report is pretty light.

1. Edit/rewrite SHARING HUNTER, a YA contemporary novel. No more progress.

2. Edit two short stories–one needs a final polish, the other a full edit. Finished earlier.

3. Read 10 fiction books: Six so farWhite CatRed Gloveand Black Heart by Holly Black; Firelands by Piper Bayard; Almost a Scandal by Elizabeth Essex; and Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World by Kristen Lamb. I’m currently re-reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams with my son and starting The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi today.

4. Finish craft book: Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies by Deborah Halverson. (I read the first half last round.) Typed up a lot of notes. This is a great craft book, by the way. I am on track to finish the book before the round is up.

5. Visit and comment on five ROW80 blog posts per week. Half-done.

6. Attend at least one RWA meeting. Attended West Houston RWA meeting yesterday, where I heard from a panel of local booksellers.

Do you have pets? Have you ever lost a pet? Have you ever had to put a pet down? Do you think your life has been richer in some way because of a pet?