Top 10 Dance Crazes

Please join me for a little Deep-Fried Friday Dance Craze! After my How Well Do You Know the 90’s post, in which I mentioned the Macarena, I started thinking about some of the most fun dance crazes I’ve come across. I put together another Top 10 List with fun dance crazes and songs that inspired them.

10. Hand Jive by Johnny Otis. It was so much fun, it was resurrected in Grease. After all, whether or not you can dance, we are all born to hand jive.

9. Chicken Dance – So easy a caveman chicken could do it. And not to be confused with the Bluth family chicken dance from Arrested Development.

8. Macarena by Los Del Rio – When translated, this Spanish song is about a loose-morals gal named Macarena. But let’s face it: Most of us don’t know what it means; we merely enjoy the rhythm and the moves.

7. The Twist by Chubby Checker. It didn’t stop with this song in 1960. Chubby Checker recorded “Let’s Twist Again” in 1961, and the Beatles recorded “Twist and Shout” in 1963.

6. The Bird by The Time – This one didn’t catch on much, but it was a fun few minutes of dancing that interrupted the otherwise too-serious Purple Rain movie. (We get it, Prince: You’re a tortured soul.) Get your bok-bok and your hands goin’!

5. Interlude Dance by Attack! Attack! There is a strange history to this dance craze. Two University of Northern Iowa students came up with the six-step dance and taught it to fellow students. It became all the rage at sporting events. Even the most rhythm-challenged can manage this one, and it’s has a party feel.

4. Cotton-Eyed Joe – This post was also motivated by my appalled realization that my Texas-born and bred children did not know what the Cotton-Eyed Joe was. What are they teaching in P.E.? When I was growing up, it was a rite of passage to learn the Cotton-Eyed Joe and do it at every school dance.

As I started looking for a video for this dance, I passed appalled and ended up at horrified as I learned that the cotton-eyed joe I remember has been largely replaced by a version sung by some band named Reddix and new dance moves. This is the original song I recall, performed here by Asleep at the Wheel in Austin, Texas.

3. Vogue by Madonna – Voguing was popular in clubs before Madonna’s song, but her tune made this a craze across the nation. The official video is good, but her MTV performance of this song (wearing Michelle Pfeiffer’s dress from Dangerous Liaisons by the way) was a classic.

2. Electric Slide. The original dance came with the song Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffiths. However, it works with just about any song, so I’ve seen the electric slide done at school dances, night clubs, and country dance halls to all kinds of music. Here’s a quick sample from Six Flags.

1. Time Warp by Rocky Horror Picture Show Original Cast. I have a confession to make: I have NEVER seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Gasp! A virgin.) But I have done the Time Warp many a time. It’s so easy, you see: It’s just a jump to the left . . .

I’m sure I missed a LOT of dances. I’ve recently been in a Twitter conversation about line dancing (don’t ask). I’m not as “up” on dance crazes as I thought, since Gloria Richard pointed out something called “The Freeze.” Anyone know this dance? I don’t.

What are your favorites? Do you know of any other up-and-coming crazes that we should all learn? What dances did you grow up doing?