Amazing Words Wednesday: My Words

This summer I took a month-long vacation from blogging on Wednesdays. Last week, I returned to Amazing Words Wednesday, the day we enter the labyrinth of language and see what we can find.

But today, I’m not talking about grammar, punctuation, or language in general. Since I’m a writer and want to share words and stories, I have decided to take the first Wednesday of each month and share something I’ve written. It might be a poem, a flash fiction piece, an excerpt from a novel, song lyrics, or middle-of-the-night, insomnia-driven ramblings–but one way or another, I’ll provide something here for readers to get a taste of my words. Which may or may not rise to the level of amazing, but we’ll see.

Let me start off very simply, with the first poem I ever wrote. Or at least, it’s the first poem that I wrote down and remember. I was 9  years old and looked like this:

3rd grade photo of Julie

I know what you’re thinking: Clearly, I was one of the cool kids. 😉 (Okay, fine, I was a shy kid who spent as much time as possible riding my bike and reading books.)

The mockingbird is the state bird of Texas, so that was my inspiration for the poem. I don’t know if I’d ever actually seen a mockingbird in my yard. But this is how my 9-year-old poem goes:

Photo by Ken Thomas, via Wikimedia Commons

Sweetly sings the mockingbird
In a green-leafed tree
He sings a song I’ve never heard
The mockingbird and me

That’s it. Short and sweet.

These days, I have seen many different birds in our neighborhood, including red cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, owls, red-tailed hawks, blue herons, and yes, mockingbirds. But I haven’t yet written poetry about any of them.

Did you write when you were a kid? Have you kept anything you wrote from childhood? Feel free to share your young-yet-inspired work in the comments.