High School Halls

breakfast club
The Breakfast Club

Posts from my High School Halls series, from August through December 2012. Looking at the teenage years then (’80s) and now.

Heading into the Hallowed High School Halls

The Fashion

Marching Band

Clubs and Cliques

Our Favorite Teachers (and the others)

Movies that Define Our Generation with Author Guest Coleen Patrick

The Events That Changed Our Lives

Pranks, or How to TP a House

Top 10 Class Disruptions

School Spirit

Football with Author Guest Tiffany A. White

Best Friends Forever (2Good + 2B = 4gotten)

Under the Disco Ball: School Dances

What If High School Sucks?


Dating, Young Love, and Breaking Up with Author Guest Lydia Sharp

The Hairstyles with Author Guest L.A. Freeland

The Soundtrack of Our Teenage Years with Teenage Guest Gavin

Moving the Tassel, Throwing the Hat

Your Best Memory

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