What Fall TV Premiere Are You Looking Forward To?

I’ve been perusing the TV schedule for this fall, with all the series and season premieres. Gone are some of the shows I watched regularly, like Hart of Dixie and Revenge. And new ones have taken their place.

While I might find a gem among the lot of new offerings this fall, what I look forward to more is the return of shows I’ve grown attached to — ones that happily continue, at least one more season. What am I look forward to?

TBBTIt started with this one on Monday night — the 9th season premiere of The Big Bang Theory. It’s tough to keep a series going that long and keep the magic. But I think this series has done well because the characters have grown as the series has continued, yet they still have their quirks and challenges. Also, TBBT hasn’t fallen into the temptation of tangents, like a police procedural that gets lost in the weeds of a romantic relationship, or a medical drama that wanders off into politics, or — let’s face it — most J.J. Abrams shows. TBBT has a clear identity, while mixing it up enough to keep fans watching.


CastleThen there’s Castle. I fully admit this is my catnip. A writer turned crime solver? A fabulous ensemble cast? Nathan Fillion? More, please. This show also demonstrates that the chemistry and interest need not die after the hero and heroine finally get together. In real life, there are still challenges involved in being a couple, especially if that couple works together in high-pressure situations as these two do. I do have a couple of suggestions for the show writers, though. We writers out here loved the references to real authors and especially the poker game, which has included such big-name authors as James Patterson, Steven J Cannell, and Dennis Lehane. Also, you might want to show Castle actually writing from time to time, so our families don’t think you just turn out novels in between family laser tag and book signings. Still, eager for another season!


GrimmTwo fairy-tale based shows came out in the same year: Once Upon a Time and Grimm. Hubby and I watched the pilots of both, chose Grimm, and never looked back. This series has had a few bumps, in my opinion, but the ensemble feel of this show has grown. And we’re now attached to the story of not only the main character, but great supporting characters like Monroe, Hank, Rosalee, and Sergeant Wu. Also, I still recognize fairy tale plot lines from time to time, and I still have moments when I turn to the hubster and say, “Wow, didn’t see that coming.” For all those reasons, I’m ready to dive back into another season of Grimm.


iZombieBut the show I’m most eager to follow again is iZombie, a comic-based show co-developed with Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars, anyone?) which premiered last year. It’s a great twist on the zombie story, with protagonist Liv Moore eating brains, experiencing her meal’s memories, and then using that information to help solve their murders. There are so many fun little references thrown in, the supporting characters are perfectly cast, and the script has great dialogue. This almost makes up for Veronica Mars having such a short run. Actually, I take that back — nothing makes up for that. Anyway, I’m still ready for some more iZombie. Coming in October…


Miss FisherI would be remiss if I didn’t mention the series I’m currently catching up on, courtesy of Netflix. I discovered this Australian delight earlier this year and binge-watched two seasons. I nearly squealed with glee when I saw that the third season was now available. (Can’t get the show here in the States while it’s airing in Australia.) It’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a fabulous show set in the 1920s and featuring larger-than-life Miss Fisher as a private detective. I confess to not having read the books by Kerry Greenwood, but this author clearly created an engaging character worth several seasons of a TV series. I hope it continues, but I’m savoring every episode of season three right now.

Your turn! What fall TV premiere are you anticipating with eagerness? What shows do you think you’ll give a trial showing? Anyone gems we might have missed that we should binge-watch on Netflix?

7 thoughts on “What Fall TV Premiere Are You Looking Forward To?

  1. I love Big Bang Theory, Castle, and Miss Fisher. I definitely think Castle needs to bring the poker game back. The shows I am most looking forward to are:
    Sherlock (BBC) It’s eye candy and smart. I hear I have to wait until next year for this 😦
    Inspector Lewis (BBC) Please tell me this one will return.
    Supergirl (CBS) I’ve seen the preview and it looks great. Thrilled it looks kid-friendly. So much of DC is dark.
    Those are the one’s I am most thrilled about. I’m on the fence for the Heroes reboot.

  2. I’m with you on Castle. Don’t know or not interested in those others. I also love Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes, Blue Bloods, and Cold Justice. I’ve watched one episode of Cold Justice: Sex Crimes, so not ready to make a judgment on it yet. Only new show I’ve heard of that I might like is Blood & Oil – sort of Dallas in North Dakota. Don Johnson plays the J R Ewing character, and I loved him Nash Bridges enough to want to try this one. Of course, Cheech Marin and the rest of the supporting cast had a lot to do with Nash Bridges, so I’m not sure how much I like Don Johnson. I tried to watch some movie he was in as well as Miami Vice and was not impressed with either.

  3. I love Castle (he does pull out his laptop once in a while) and Grimm. Still watch Once Upon a Time, but mainly to see just how bonkers they can get. I really haven’t seen any promos for new shows that have grabbed me (maybe SyFy will come up with something), but there are a couple of things I’ve been meaning to watch on Amazon Prime. And then there are all those unwatched DVDs on the shelf . . . (All in the name of research on story construction and character development, of course!)

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