The Golden Heart Speech I Wrote, But Didn’t Give

The RWA Awards Ceremony Program
The RWA Awards Ceremony Program

When you’re nominated for an RWA Golden Heart award, they tell you to write a speech. Even if you have absolutely no belief that you could possibly win, they repeat the need to have coherent words on a page to read just in case your name is called and you have to make your way to stage and say something into the waiting microphone.

Last Saturday night, when 2000+ writers and their guests convened for the annual RWA RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony, the name announced for the Golden Heart, Young Adult category was Stephanie Winkelhake, a four-time finalist. My other fellow finalists — T.L. Summer, Diana Munoz-Stewart, and Mary Sullivan — and I applauded her well-deserved win. And I look forward to seeing all of our books on shelves in the coming years (so watch for them!).

But I still have this speech I wrote, and it seems a shame to waste it. So here goes nothing:

Who would you thank in a speech for an award you received? Have you ever delivered a victory circle speech?

9 thoughts on “The Golden Heart Speech I Wrote, But Didn’t Give

  1. Haha! The stage fall! Too funny! Great speech, my dear. I look forward to hearing your speech at the gala next year!!

  2. Awwww, great speech and a great idea. I’m sure next year you’ll be reading it in your dress in the ballroom. Just remember to take duct tape, everything can be fixed with duct tape 🙂



  3. Really nice speech.Those fears of accidents are the same I have plus losing my written speech and going mute could be added to my list. : )

    1. I don’t worry about going mute so much as babbling a bunch of nonsense — thus, my taking the “write the speech” admonition seriously. Thanks, Donna!

  4. Beautiful speech Julie! I’m so honored you’d think of me in your acceptance speech. Sharing Hunter is a winner in my book and I can’t wait to pull it off a bookstore shelf!

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