The Pajama Writers Club…or What Do Writers Wear?

Last Wednesday, I was sitting at my computer and editing my novel when I suddenly realized it was past 10 a.m. and I was still in my jammies. Not that I was surprised. Since I work from home, it’s easier to let everyone else in my family get ready and out the door. Then I can get ready on my own without interruption or battling for hot water from the shower.

Fairly often, however, I go way past waiting for the family to leave…and all the way to, “How long can I stay in these pajamas?” I’ve even had noon creep up on me, and I’m still in my PJ’s with my hair in a ponytail. Oops.

So back to last Wednesday, I popped over and wrote this status update on Facebook:

Facebook status update

The overwhelming response seemed to be that writing in your pajamas was not sad and pathetic. Rather, it was a delightful idea plenty of others would love to do!

Which made me wonder: What do writers wear to write?

My own writer wardrobe consists of everything from jammies to yoga pants to jeans to business casual. It all depends on what else I have going that day.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who has wondered. Quite a few have written on this topic. Successful writers wear everything from plain clothes to special hats to underwear to nothing at all while they work. Some months ago, Elle magazine even had a suggested wardrobe for “Novelist,” which literary agent Sharon Pelletier pointed out on Twitter. Her tweet was passed along to many writers, who got a good laugh from this idea:

Elle Novelist

I can’t believe I was missing the long-sleeve silk blouse. As if that‘s what we wear!

But one of the best posts I stumbled upon came from Lynne Kelly, who asked fellow authors what they wore…and posted their photos! Hey, I’m game. So here are a few photos of what I might wear while writing:

Yoga Pants & a T-Shirt
Yoga Pants & a T-Shirt
Still casual, but a dress!
Still casual, but a dress!
The Pajamas Look
The Pajamas Look

It doesn’t seem to matter what I wear. As long as I show up and write, I get things done!

Speaking of which…

ROW80 Update

Round 3 ended last Thursday, and the final round for 2014 begins on October 6. However, I wanted to go ahead and do a wrap-up and look-ahead for my writing goals.

1. Finish editing Sharing Hunter, young adult contemporary novel. I really need one more week to be all done, completely finished, super-happy with the result. Because I realized I need to add 2-3 scenes. Yet I’m still pleased with my progress this round.

2. Edit, polish, and release two more short stories in my Paranormal Playground series. Moved this goal to next round.

3. Read 12 books. Read 13 books total.

4. Attend RWA Conference and Day of YA in San Antonio and follow-up as needed. Goal completed.

Next round, I’ve got three straightforward goals. I’d like to be more ambitious, but looking at my calendar and upcoming holidays, I’ll simply start with these:

1. Edit, polish, and release two more short stories in my Paranormal Playground series. A Little Fairy Dust and Living with Ghosts are slated to come out before the end of the year.

2. Read 12 books. Yet again, this is a good number for me to achieve each round, and I like tracking what I’ve read here.

3. Attend Immersion Master Class and follow-up. In October, I’ll be immersed in writing with several fellow authors and writing coach extraordinaire, Margie Lawson. I’m taking my Sharing Hunter manuscript for one more make-it-shine edit.

I’d love to hear what others wear while working at home. What’s your get-things-done wardrobe? And how was your week?

22 thoughts on “The Pajama Writers Club…or What Do Writers Wear?

  1. Pretty much what I always wear: polo shirt, blue jeans, shoes, no socks. That’s pretty much what I wear to everything these days.

    There’s a site called PJ Media, founded by a number of current-events bloggers. They named it that because they were dismissed as a bunch of bloggers sitting around in their pajamas.

  2. It’s summer and it’s hot – above 100. I’m in shorts and I will be until it gets cold then I’ll switch to sweats and/or jeans and fuzzy slippers(always fuzzy slippers). I’ve recently started wearing a pretty orange and yellow plumeria and crystal headband/tiara to write in. I put on my plummies and I know it’s time to work! Who knew? *grin*
    I just finished My Sister’s Demon and The Vampire Exclusive. Loved them both! But, The Vampire Exclusive had me thinking about it for two days after I read it. The last line was pure genius on so many levels.

    1. Aren’t fuzzy slippers the best? I have some big comfy slippers myself, and yes, in winter I write in them. 🙂 And that tiara idea is priceless! Good for you.

      I’m SO GLAD you enjoyed the short stories! And referring to something I wrote as “pure genius” simply MADE MY DAY. Sending you happy vibes, Sherry!

  3. When I’m writing I prefer to live in comfort. Shorts, pj bottoms, tank tops or tee shirts… Yeah. I’m of the “let it all hang out” variety. Well, at least when I’m writing.

  4. When I was on deadline this past month, I went for days without getting dressed! (I even needed a few gentle reminders from my loved ones to shower. Oh well. I was on a roll and hygiene didn’t seem as important as getting the story written.) During the school year, I tend to wear whatever I happen to be wearing–business attire, casual, or a robe sans underwear–when I pull open the laptop. I write everywhere and anywhere. I don’t think much about what I look like. It’s the words that matter, right?

    1. I’m with Kristen on this. I only change clothes (usually) if I’m leaving the house. It’s mostly pajamas and PT clothes for me right now. And I am nearly always barefoot or in flip-flops. 🙂

  5. “It doesn’t matter what you wear just as long as you are there”–from Dancing in the Streets (and that’s my philosophy). Nightgowns or T-shirts/yoga pants/jeans. The white silk blouse would be nice for the day job.
    Great job on the goals.

    1. Oh, oh, I LOVE that you just quoted Dancing in the Streets. That’s brilliant! And sure, I’d love a silk blouse. I just don’t seem to wear one while writing. 😉

  6. If it’s warm and I don’t have to leave the house, a T-shirt and underwear and that’s it. If it’s cold, pj pants under the T-shirt, fuzzy lined Crocs, and however many other layers I need up top to stay warm.

  7. Nice outfits Julie! I occasionally write in my pj’s but not too often actually. I fall on the flip side where I dress up in my favorite clothes and go to a coffee shop – ideally, when the budget allows – and that’s when I feel “like a writer.” LOL

  8. I write so much whilst in my pyjamas that I now go by the name of ‘The Pyjama Writer’. If anyone knocked at the door late morning, they’d probably think I was a good-for-nothing slob or was on day release from a care home or something. Little do people realise that pyjamas play an important role in supporting the flow of a writer’s creative juices!
    ‘Scuse the spelling of ‘pyjama’, by the way… The Brits & Aussies don’t do it like the yanks!

    1. I love that! “The Pyjama Writer.”

      And indeed, the use of “pyjama” didn’t throw me off a bit. (But as a pure Texan, being called a “yank” kind of did. Yes, I know to the British I’m a yank, but we deep-down Southerns call Northerners the yanks. LOL.)

      Glad you stopped by, Alannah! Happy writing.

      1. Yes, a thousand apologies for the ‘Yanks’ term (which I omitted to put a capital Y on – tut, tut! – I blame my new keyboard!). We in Britain (quite ignorantly, really) use it as a blanket description for Americans, but one should definitely be more careful when addressing your good selves from the US!

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