Should You Take the Ice Bucket Challenge?

I got tagged by friend and fellow author Danette Fogarty, so I did my version of the ice bucket challenge. Which meant that I had to know how this thing got started, why people are doing it, and what the results of this tag-and-donate challenge have been. And, of course, I share that all with you!

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Whether you accept the ice bucket challenge or not (assuming you get tagged), I pray this viral sensation encourages us to look for more opportunities to be charitable.

3 thoughts on “Should You Take the Ice Bucket Challenge?

  1. Although I mostly prefer to make my statements via donations when I have money to spare, I was listening on the radio today to a retired NFL player living in the Ferguson area who encouraged everyone to take a picture with someone from a different ethnic background then themselves (no race specified) and to hold up their index finger as if to say #1…to remind people of all the good and positive relationships there are in this world…and to encourage hope. I thought that was a good message, too! Would love to see those sorts of pictures go viral. 🙂

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