Jess’s Playlist and ROW80

Welcome to Scarlet Thread Sunday, the day I toss out a thread of something I’ve learned in the labyrinth of life. 

I have a special place in my heart for those who introduce me to wonderful music. I don’t just listen to music; I soak it up through my pores and into my veins and let it swirl around and awaken my senses. Yeah, I love music.

Jess Witkins

So when Jess Witkins, my fabulous author friend (and DFW Writer’s Conference roomie), asked for suggestions for her Ultimate Mix Tape, I was totally in. I love sharing some of my faves with others and discovering what musical treasures others have found. Jess drew some winners from her experiment, and I was among them, getting to post on her blog about my guilty pleasure and receiving two “mix tape” CDs from Jess.

Today I want to share my Top 10 Favorites that Jess in turn introduced me to through listening to her mix tapes. Maybe you’ll find something you like here too.

Anything Could Happen – Ellie Goulding

Wild Young Hearts – Noisettes

Me after You – Maia Sharp

Stompa – Serena Ryder

Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright – Emilie-Claire Barlow

Angels – Lindi Ortega

You and Me – Sara Watkins

Jolene – Mindy Smith

All for You – Imelda May

Amen – Edens Edge

Thanks, Jess! You’re awesome.

ROW80 Round 2

A Round of Words in 80 Days is the writing challenge that knows you have a life. Participants set their own goals and report at least weekly (or twice weekly) on their progress. Round 2 runs from April 1 through June 20.

I have 10 goals this round–broken into three categories.


  • Read 8 fiction books.
  • Read one craft book: Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies by Deborah Halverson.
  • Visit and comment on ROW80 blogs as a Round 2 sponsor.


  • Finish writing BREAKING THE COMMANDMENTS, YA mystery.
  • Complete first round of edits of BREAKING THE COMMANDMENTS.
  • Write one short story.
  • Edit two short stories–one needs a final polish, the other a full edit.

Additional Goals

  • Exercise twice a week.
  • Prepare for and attend DFW Conference in May.
  • Prepare for and attend Immersion Master Class with Margie Lawson in June.

This past week, I wrote 10,930 words on Breaking the Commandments.

So what new music discoveries have you made? Do you like to share your new finds with others? And are you participating in Round 2 of ROW80?

16 thoughts on “Jess’s Playlist and ROW80

  1. Aww glad you’re still jammin Julie! I loved the Stephanie Mabey songs I found through you! My sister has already requested several more for next year. Hope I remember them for the next 6 months!

    And Julie, way to go on your writing! Holy. Word. Count.

  2. Love the music. Thanks Julie and Jess. I used to share music my hubs brought to my attention. I should start doing that again. He forgets to tell me about new stuff he finds, silly man, unless I ask.
    You’re going to rock this round, Julie. I can feel it. Over 10k words, nice.

  3. HOLY CRAP! Ten Thousand words?! You rock!!! Great job!

    I don’t even need to say good luck next week, because I think you’ve got it covered. 🙂

    1. I’m trying to Fast Draft, Kate, so I SHOULD have had like 25k words. However, my Fast Draft is more like FastER Draft–faster than I normally do, but not quite up to Candace Havens’s unbelievable speed. Still, I get excited about that output too. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    1. Oh no, after reading that my goals are “ambitious,” I started to wonder if I should scale back…

      I’ll give it a shot anyway! Thanks, Jennette. 🙂

  4. Not only did I get to see/hear some great music. I’d heard (and loved) Ellie Goulding’s piece before this but somehow kept forgetting to actually look her up, so thanks for the reminder. And the rest of the list felt new and delightful…

    As for the goals… awesome progress on them. Ambitious progress, but real!

      1. I love her voice. In fact, I loved pretty much every one of those tunes. And it was sweet that Dolly was in the video for Jolene.

  5. Way to go with writing over 10K this past week. I’m so proud. Good job with your goals.
    I haven’t heard of any of those musical artists. Where have I been?

  6. I see some songs I know and a few I don’t, and I’ll have to explore the new to me ones when I have a bit more time 🙂

    Way to go on the wordage!! You’ll knock out these goals easy. Wishing you a fabulous round Julie.

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