Laugh with Me: It’s Punny!

Here on Amazing Words Wednesday, I like to take us through the labyrinth of language and discover fun stuff. Today I feel like we need a laugh–anything from a mild “ka-snort” to a big, gut-wrenching, knees-to-belly laugh. Whatever works for you!

So when a friend posted about puns on her Facebook status, I knew I had to share. Why?

Because I found this humerus!

Originally uploaded by User:Palica, mirrored by was_a_bee, via Wikimedia Commons



Which one(s) made you laugh? Do you enjoy word play like this? Do you have other favorite puns? Please share!

Note: I looked and looked for the original source of this Punography poster. If you know, please tell me so I can credit accordingly.

23 thoughts on “Laugh with Me: It’s Punny!

  1. Fun! One of my Ya-Yas, Diane, is the Pun Queen. She’ll enjoy this. 🙂

    My favorite: “How do you make holy water? You boil the hell out of it!” <– That is in the script for "Nunsense" (The habit-forming musical) by Dan Goggin, which is a hilarious musical play about – you guessed it – nuns. One of the nuns, wanna-be ballerina Sister Mary Leo, delivers the pun during an audience-interaction segment. The audience reaction was priceless: audible shocked gasps followed by raucous laughter. 😀

  2. I LOL’ed at “A dyslexic walked into a bra!” I’ve also seen t-shirts that say “Dyslexics of the world untie!” Maybe I find them funnier because my husband is one. Most of those are just groaners, – but thanks for the LOLs!

    1. I thought that one was particularly funny, Jennette! I tried it out on my son; he groaned. (Admittedly, he’s a teenager and now groans at half of whatever his parents say. He was probably telling that joke to his friends later.)

  3. I love puns. My husband and I will sometimes throw one out, and the other will reply with “Ba-dun ching.” Corny humor has always appealed to me 🙂

  4. I love goofy puns, too. My FIL loves to use them every chance he gets, even if they are over my kids’ heads. The entire list is eye-rolling funny.

  5. Hilarious. I do so love language combined with wit! The Coca-Cola Factory/pop quiz is precious. I’m sharing this with the kids for some chuckles!

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