High School Halls: Your Best Memory

Welcome to the last installment of my High School Halls series on this Deep-Fried Friday For this series, I’ve looked at high school then (when I was a teen in the ’80s) and high school now. If you want to check out any of these posts, click on the High School Halls tab on the menu bar.

Today’s subject is your best high school memory. I asked friends on Twitter and Facebook the opportunity to share their memories with me.

Here is a sampling:

Alica McKenna Johnson: This boy, Marc, came up to me in chem and said, ‘Alica if you ever want to date a real man let me know.’ I blinked and said, ‘do you know any real men?’ All the other girls were cracking up and the guys were snickering. It was great. Most of the time I think of great comebacks hours later, but I was in the zone. Lol.

Erin Brambilla: I loved competitions. We had them every Saturday during marching season. There’s something so fun about performing in front of a crowd (all there to appreciate band and not football ). And if I had to pinpoint one specific favorite band memory–it was probably when two of the older girls in band came up to me my sophomore year and told me I should try out for drum major. I probably wouldn’t have done it, but they said they thought I’d be good at it. So I tried out and I got it! And then I’d say telling my dad about getting the position was pretty awesome, too. I think he was just as excited as I was.

Donna GalantiProbably all the tricks I played on the nuns and skipping class.

Laura KreitzerLeaving!

Amber West I was an assistant to a first year teacher my Senior year. Lots of interesting memories from that one. 

Virginia Lori JenningsI was home-schooled… My favorite ‘high school memory’ is taking the pretest for the GED just to have the lady look at me with shock and awe when I turned in the math test so fast and then to tell me I scored higher than any of the other pretests she has seen in math. My look was of confused amazement…. Math is my weakest subject-> how bad is everyone else at math! 

Tiffany A. White:  It’s kinda sad, but the night we lost to our big football rivals our senior year. The players and trainers had grown so close over the previous three years, and that night our bonds showed. We sat in the weight room after the game, still in our game attire, and cried and hugged. It was one of the sweetest moments, even if we were all devastated.

August McLaughlinI had senioritis from sophomore year on, but adored all things music, writing and theater. Saving graces!

IJ VernSkipping classes to go play pool.

Christine Ashworth: Graduating. I never felt like I belonged in high school.

Catie RhodesGraduating? Never going back? LOL.

As for my best high school memories, they are mostly small incidents with friends–an encouraging comment, a fun evening out, a band or choir trip experience. One event, though, stands out for me–my senior prom. Here’s why:

  1. I didn’t go with anyone. I could have gotten a date, but I made the conscious decision to go alone and be the captain of my evening. I wore what I wanted, arrived when I wanted, danced as I wanted, left when I wanted. I treasure that choice because it demonstrated that I had finally realized that I could be happy without a relationship, that being me was far more important than being with anyone.
  2. My mother made my dress. She’s a talented seamstress, and in this case, dress designer. We talked about what I wanted, and she figured out how to make it. My dress was mirrored after Anita’s party dress from West Side Story, one of my favorite musicals.
  3. My father bought my corsage. Actually, it was a nosegay. However, I felt particularly special and loved when my dad presented me with a small bouquet of flowers that he had carefully chosen for my night. I knew in that moment that daddies love their daughters far more than any stinky ol’ high school boy could (unless, of course, that high school sweetheart ended up as your husband).
  4. I won Best Singer senior superlative. Among the Most Likely to Succeed and Best Couple awards was also girl and boy “Best Singer.” Although I was in choir, I had absolutely no anticipation that I would receive the award. It caught me off guard, in a tingle-to-my-toes kind of way.
  5. I spent the evening with good friends. I had a close group of friends and found plenty of guys to dance with. We chatted, laughed, and danced the night away. And my lovely girlfriends loaned me their dates when it came picture time. I have had great fun with this prom photo over the years, claiming that I had three dates instead of none.
My friends’ dates and ME
Senior Prom 1986

Perhaps that was foreshadowing of my current novel–SHARING HUNTER–in which Hunter Mills ends up at senior prom with two dates. I’m excited about this work in progress and love writing for teens.

Happy high school memories!

If you didn’t get a chance to share your best high school memory, please do so! What did/do you love/hate about the high school years?

20 thoughts on “High School Halls: Your Best Memory

  1. For starters, very cool prom pic. And how cool that your mom made that dress.

    The best thing about high school (for me) was the day when I didn’t have to go back. Oh, they were boring there.

  2. I love everything about this post! I love all the bloggers who contributed their fave moment. I love your dress and that your mom made it. (A friend’s mom made my homecoming dress sophomore year – It was a plaid skirt and suede corset top to look Renaissance-y. And my friend made bobby pins with flowers on them for my hair.) I love that your dad bought you your corsage. And that you won Best Singer – cause I believe you have a stunning voice! Wonderful blog!

    My best memory from high school: Hanging out with my friends late into the night by the river. Either sitting on the benches, watching the fisherman, or dangling our legs from the abandoned railroad bridge. I said and heard “I love you.” for the first time on that bridge. It was the kind of place you imagine ghosts to be, but I loved it.

    1. What a cool homecoming dress!

      I think it’s interesting that setting can play such an important part in our memories. When I talk with old friends, certain haunts come up with frequency. Yours sounds delightful, Jess!

  3. I think I’d have to say that my fondest memory was walking out of the gym holding my diploma on graduation night as well. I think a lot of it has to do with having transferred in at the beginning of sophomore year and never quite feeling that I belonged.

    It’s really cool that you went to the prom by yourself and were able to spend time with friends. It’s a tremendous drag for kids that end up going with someone they hardly know and really don’t like. It would almost be better not going at all. Your parents were cool…

  4. You totally had a pretty in pink moment, I love it. This was a fun post. Although I always had one eye on graduation and my exit from my gossipy home town, HS was filled with great moments. There, I admitted it, but don’t tell anyone, lol.

    1. Ha! I never thought of it like a Pretty in Pink moment. I love that analogy!

      Honestly, some of my best and some of my worst moments were in high school. I have some great memories, but I would never go back. Sounds like you get that, S.J.! Thanks.

  5. Julie, I’m late to the party, but I have LOVED this series. What a great finale!! And my goodness can your mama sew… I love that whole dress, but the hemline is like Cinderella. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jenny! Anytime you want to show up at the party is fine with me. 🙂 Thanks so much.

      And yes, my mom really can sew! Unfortunately, she didn’t pass the patience for that on to me. Still, my kids have had the benefit of homemade Halloween costumes and stockings and the like. 🙂

  6. Whew, I almost missed this Julie! Thank you Jenny Hansen for posting on Facebook. What a great and fun idea. And I love all the bloggers that shared their moments in high school. Uh, that goes way back for me Julie. I will say that when I saw those pics of the dancers, I immediately thought, West Side Story. And it was. How cool! Awesome post! 🙂

  7. I love that your dress was modeled after Anita’s! I always wanted that dress. 🙂

    I would have shared more details on that memory above, but a lot of it is going into the YA novel I’m writing. 😉

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