What You (Don’t) Need for Christmas and #ROW80

I’ve been out in the stores lately shopping for a few more Christmas gifts. As I’ve taken a look around, I’ve seen many awesome gift ideas. However, there are also many items on sales racks and displays that make you wonder who exactly thinks they must purchase such a thing for a loved one or friend.

Cooking with Beer cookbook

So that’s what my cooking has been missing! I have actually enjoyed beer-battered shrimp a few times, but I’m sure there are many other uses. If you give this gift, you might want to include a six-pack with it. (from Barnes & Noble)

Dog Santa Costume

Perhaps it’s that I own cats instead of dogs (and no self-respecting cat would ever allow himself to be used as a dress-up doll), but is this really what your pup needs? Albeit if they can pull off this look with a pair of black leather boots, I will be impressed. (from PetSmart)

Deer Wine Bottle Holder

Now wine is usually an upscale drink, so the idea of this orange-vested deer holding the next bottle to be served to guests is, well, odd. Bass Pro Shops must have instinctively known this; thus, the substitution of a margarita bottle instead. (from Bass Pro Shops)

Yard-O-Beef (Beef Summer Sausage)

Because who doesn’t need an entire yard of beef? Move over, Hickory Farms, we don’t need your cute-sized cheeses and meats anymore. We can get a whole 3 feet of beef! (from Sam’s Club)

Elf boxers

Not to be outdone by your pet (see above), you might need your own pair of Christmas-themed boxers. Forget the fat man, though; you always dreamed of being an elf, right? By the way, they are velvety for that cozy winter feel. (from Walmart)

Moving on from presents to progress, here’s my regularly writing goals update:

ROW80 Update

Editing: SHARING HUNTER, young adult contemporary novel.

  • Complete full rewrite. One-fourth of the way through. On hold for a little while, as I work out some plot kinks.



  • Write two short stories. Sent a short story to three beta readers and got feedback. Edited and polished it up for submission. Sent it in to the anthology judges. Then wrote 1,167 words on a second short story.
  • Write 3,000 words per week on young adult novel. Not sure of the working title, but it’s murder mystery with a preacher’s daughter as the protagonist. Worked on the short stories instead, and I’m okay with that.


  • Nothing special here. Just read. A lot. Finished Wicked Sense, a YA paranormal by Fabio Bueno. Highly recommend it!

Non-writing goals

  • Exercise twice a week. Took a long walk with the hubby on Saturday (to and from the library). 
  • Sort through photos and complete at least one album. (I stopped scrapbooking five years ago, and it’s piled up into a big mess. Moving into digital albums.) Woo-hoo! I got quite a bit done here. I completed several scrapbook pages, plus I finally ordered a photo album online that is realistic in terms of my current habits.

I can’t believe we’re so close to (1) the end of ROW80; (2) the end of the year; and (3) the end of the world. I’m unprepared for them all! Hey, I just put my Christmas tree up yesterday.

So how was your week’s progress? And what present ideas have you seen while shopping that made you smile or laugh out loud?

14 thoughts on “What You (Don’t) Need for Christmas and #ROW80

  1. As we’ve discussed, I am in my editing cave. I will be finished by next Friday. Hopefully sooner. But next Friday for sure.

    As for the gifts, there are a lot of things that make me shake my head. But you know what I think? I think a lot of people in today’s world feel obligated to buy *hundreds* of dollars worth of token gifts for acquaintances. And that’s where the beer cookbook and the deer wine holder come in. It’s the kind of stuff that the gift giver knows, deep down, either gets re-wrapped and re-gifted or hauled off by the following summer. But, even so, some people feel compelled to purchase and give this stuff.

    1. Now THAT would be an actual good gift–a cave in which to edit! LOL. I agree with your assessment for why people buy these gifts. I’d take a $5 cofeee shop card myself.

      1. Same here. Or a $5 Amazon or iTunes card. You know what I used to love, though, and miss? When people would give you a mason jar of Tang tea or a baggie of homemade fudge or cookies. Of course, stuff like that takes time to prepare.

  2. LOL – I bet my husband would like that beer cookbook! Then again, he hardly ever uses cookbooks – he either looks stuff up on the ‘net or just wings it. Sometimes with beer! And that deer bottle thing? I can totally see him putting that in his man-cave! Yes, my husband is a bit of a redneck. He’d put wine in it, too LOL. At least it’s better than the singing fish. You’ve been kicking it with your goals- good job!

  3. I saw a make your own mozzarella kit once, that looked yummy 🙂 My MIL just asked for my taco seasoning for Christmas, how sweet and why didn’t I think of that? Shopping is hard work. Yard-O-Beef, *snickers*

    1. I did get a jar of chocolate chip cookie mix one time, and that was pretty cool. I still remember my mom making spiced tea. Maybe we’re missing something by not doing more make-your-own.

      And now I’m hungry for tacos…

  4. Ewe – that yard of beef looked disgusting 😛 We have a huge longhaired german shepherd (10 months old – 36kg) and I’d love to dress him up in that suit. We got the reindeer ears and santa hat, but he was having none of it. Perhaps he has the soul of a cat beneath all that dog? Have a great Christmas – see you next round/year 🙂

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