High School Halls: Holidays

I’ve been looking at high school then and now with my High School Halls series here on Deep-Fried Friday. Since it’s Thanksgiving week and students are almost all out for a holiday break, I thought I’d look at holidays today.

Also, since you’re on holiday, I decided to make this brief and just give y’all a quick reference chart.

That Was Then This Is Now What’s Changed
Labor Day Labor Day Not much. Some schools start in August and get this holiday, and other schools don’t start until after Labor Day.
Columbus Day Teacher In-service Day Columbus goes from hero to plunderer in the history books, so we rename it. But teachers still need a break from students after only one month with them.
Thanksgiving Holidays Thanksgiving Holidays 2 to 2½ days becomes 3 days to a full week. Preparing the turkey dinner or planning your Black Friday strategy takes time.
Christmas Holidays Winter Break Keeping the name neutral, most people still purchase trees and make Santa lists.
  Martin Luther King Day The man with a fabulous dream is recognized as a national civil rights hero.
Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthdays Presidents’ Day Perhaps the other 40+ presidents felt left out.
Spring Break Spring Break As far as I can tell, nothing’s changed here. Don’t mess with a good thing!
Good Friday Spring Holiday This holiday shifts around in March/April as it is set according to the Jewish calendar. It was originally a Catholic holiday commemorating the death of Jesus. Sunday is either the day Christ rose and/or the day the Bunny delivers chocolate.
Memorial Day Memorial Day A day to honor soldiers, whether they were World War II and Vietnam soldiers in my teens or casualties of more recent wars in Middle East now.
Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Except for those of you who are in year-round school, in which case this whole chart is wrong.

My district also let out for three days in January for the livestock show and rodeo. I was tempted to list that, but I’m guessing few schools follow suit. Our school simply had too many students involved in FFA and FHA to hold classes. What did the rest of us non-rodeoers do during those three days? Why, we went to the livestock show, of course!

So what holidays did/does your school honor with a holiday break? Do you have any suggestions for changes to your school’s schedule? What holidays do you wish schools would acknowledge?

11 thoughts on “High School Halls: Holidays

  1. We celebrated MLK day back in the 80’s too. The most affluent district in our area also gets a week off in early Feb for ski break! Even though hardly any of their families go on ski trips any more.

    1. A whole week for ski break? Cool.

      I looked it up and MLK Day was first observed in 1986, but it was the year 2000 before all 50 states observed it. Since I graduated in 1986, I missed most of it!

      Thanks, Jennette! Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

  2. When I went to school in England I had no idea what holiday went when, I was just glad to have a day off! Our summer break was just 6 weeks. The 12 week marathon over here is way too long! Not that my daughter agrees 🙂


  3. I’m pretty sure we had MLK day off when I was still in school. The school district where my husband and I live lets the kids off for the entire of week of Thanksgiving. Misery. Complete misery. I’ll be glad when the neighborhood kids go back to school tomorrow. #AmTired of them ringing my doorbell several time a day to ask asinine questions.

    1. Clearly you have not mastered the GET OFF MY LAWN!!! yell. Perhaps you need to remind these kids that you write blogs about murder, and you would know how to pull one off. 😉 LOL.

      My kids get the whole week too, and I don’t know why. It’s too long for just a November holiday IMO. Thanks, Catie.

  4. I didn’t graduate from high school all that long ago, but I remember all the holidays from the “that was then” column! I think they started changing it closer to when I was about to graduate college. Interesting though!

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