Naming a Haunted House

Welcome to Spooky Words Wednesday! Okay, it’s really Amaze-ing Words Wednesday, but since it’s HALLOWEEN, it seemed like a special version was warranted.

I’m personally not a big fan of the gore-and-gross and scare-your-pants-off aspects of Halloween, but plenty of people enjoy the fright and the creepiness of this season. Tonight there will be lots of people who visit haunted houses concocted from props, fake blood and guts, and dramatic flair. You may even be hosting one of those!

From the haunted house for kids
we created in our garage one year

So what should a haunted house be named? Just “Haunted House”? Indeed the makers of these monster-and-mayhem mazes get creative when naming them too. If you need an extra-special name for your own haunted house, here is some inspiration. (Be prepared if you decide to click a link; most of the websites have sound effects.)

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse, Conley, Georgia.

Basement of the Dead, Chicago, Illinois.

Butcher’s Hollow, Farmington, Missouri.

Cataclysmic Castle of Fear, Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Corner of Chaos, East Windsor, New Jersey.

Delirium, Weston, West Virginia.

Disturbia, Huntsville, Alabama.

Field of Screams, Mountville, Pennsylvania.

Fright Farm, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

Frightmare, Westminster, Colorado.

Frightmore, Morrow, Georgia.

Headless Horseman Haunted House, Ulster Park, New York.

House of Blackbeard, Concord, California.

House of Torment, Austin, Texas.

Indy Screampark, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Insanitarium, Pinson, Alabama.

Nightmare on 19th Street, Lubbock, Texas or Nightmare on 17th Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Panic Attack, Wilmington, North Carolina.

Scream Acres, Napoleon, Ohio.

Terrortown, Toledo, Ohio.

The Asylum, Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Crypt, Phoenix, Arizona.

The Fear Factory, Mount Clemens, MichiganFindley, OhioJacksonville, Arkansas; and Aberdeen, North Carolina.

The Ghoullog, North Conway, New Hampshire.

The Mayhem Mansion, Morning View, Kentucky.

The Mortuary, New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Realm of Darkness, Pontiac, Michigan.

Trail of Fear, Lawton, Oklahoma.

Trapped in Purgatory, Staten Island, New York.

As for what I would name a haunted house, here are my ideas:

From Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

Scooby Doo’s Mystery Manor. Yep, that’s about the level of fright I want–enough to make Scooby jump into Shaggy’s arms and says, “Rud-roh.”

Party with the Paranormal. Bring on the vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, etc., and let’s see how they amuse themselves on Halloween night.

The Junior High Dance. Just the thought of time-warping back there should be enough to make your nerves jump and your stomach shimmy.

Shock Block. Get a few houses on your block in on the deal, and this is a perfect name for the haunted house(s).

Roach Ranch. Actually, I would never name anything this, but if you want this particular gal to shudder from her scalp to her soles, the word “roach” anywhere in the title will do it.

The Graveyard. Seriously, why didn’t I find this one in my research? It’s simple, but effective.

What are some clever or creative names for haunted houses in your area? Have you ever hosted or worked with a haunted house? What suggestions for names do you have?


16 thoughts on “Naming a Haunted House

  1. Nothing is as scary as a Junior High Dance! LOL. I love the ghost on the attic stairs–so creative! Scooby-Doo’s Mystery Manor is brilliant and just my speed, too. The end could be a captured crook saying, “I’d’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids.” Spooky enough for me. 🙂

  2. Awesome and entertaining post, Julie, as always! How about an Edgar Allen Poe themed house called Poe’s Emporium, a Hitchcock themed house called The Birds House, or maybe even a Stephen King themed house with games like “Stand in the Pet cemetery.” Just thinking out loud…

    Have a safe and happy All Hallows Eve, everyone!

    1. I love that idea, PJ! A literature-themed haunted house would be AWESOME! I can already imagine an overhead pendulum swinging at me in Poe’s Emporium. Happy Halloween!

  3. We have Texas Scaregrounds in our town. Not too original. We have a real haunted house though and call it “Granny’s House.” LOL It’s where my great grandparents use to live. 🙂

  4. The best named one I’ve seen around here is Phobia. Their website is great, too:

    One idea I heard about (and loved) was Terror in the Woods. I think that was the name of it anyway. It was located either in Madisonville or Center. They had some area of the woods you could walk through while people costumed as horror movie villains tried to chase you. I would think it would be a blast.

  5. You mentioned Lubbock, TX!! HOLLA!!!

    Since moving to Dallas, I’ve been to the Fear Factory, the Fear Factory Insanitarium, Screamfest, Slaughterhouse, and the Haunted Shadows Lake Trail. If you can’t tell, I love haunted houses!!

    1. Hey, I lived in Lubbock for 2 1/2 years! Never went to the haunted house, though. (My husband went to law school, which is more terrifying. LOL.) You really are a haunted house afficionado! Slaughterhouse is the one that you probably couldn’t get me to go to no matter what. 😉

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