Top Ten Ways to Spice Up the Last Debate and #ROW80

I have watched all three election debates–the two presidential candidate debates between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney as well as the vice-presidential debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan. While I agree that they have been more interesting than your average candidate debate, I think we could make these events even more engaging.

The last presidential debate is coming up on Monday, October 22, at 8:00 p.m. Central. Here are my top 10 ways to spice up the last debate:

10. Have someone in the audience start the wave. See how long they can keep it going.

9. Post Batman sound effects on the screen whenever someone throws a good verbal jab. Zonk! Whamm! Kapow!

8. Flash fact checking on a screen behind the candidate as he speaks…or simply the words TRUE or FALSE as warranted.

7. Let Clinton and Stacy of What Not to Wear provide the post-debate breakdown. For instance, what’s with hot pink and what is the appropriate size for a flag lapel pin?

6. Forget the whose turn is it? approach and install game show buzzers on the podiums instead. The first one to press his buzzer gets to speak.

5. Make the final question a kissing contest: Who can go the longest? Barack and Michelle or Mitt and Ann?

4. Include a lightning round. Fence or amnesty? Bankruptcy or bailout? Tea or coffee? Boxers or briefs? Edward or Jacob?

3. Have Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory be the next moderator. Bazinga!

2. Include Piper Bayard, the most promising presidential candidate. Wouldn’t you rather have Foxie with Moxie in the White House?


1. Debate: The Musical. Should we get Webber or Elton to write it?

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Whether you think our political process has made any progress, I hope I’ve made some progress on my Round of Words in 80 Days goals. No moderator needed. My update is below.

Editing: SHARING HUNTER, young adult contemporary novel.

  • Complete full rewrite. Rewrote three more chapters–1/4 through novel.
  • Revise using Margie Lawson’s Deep EDITS system. Went through 3 lessons from Margie’s lecture packet to prepare.
  • Deliver to beta readers. Waiting for first two.



  • Write two short stories. Nope. Had some plotting ideas about one short stories but didn’t get time to work on it.



  • Nothing special here. Just read. A lot. Finished No Apology by Mitt Romney. (Read Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama in 2008.) Halfway through 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson and also read wonderful short stories from Stacy Green and Catie Rhodes.

Non-writing goals

  • Exercise twice a week. Ordered an exercise DVD. Do I get any credit for that?
  • Sort through photos and complete at least one album. (I stopped scrapbooking five years ago, and it’s piled up into a big mess. Moving into digital albums.) Nope, but my house is in total disarray after getting new floors installed last week.

So how are your goals coming along? Do you plan to watch the presidential debate? Do you have any ideas for how to spice it up?

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways to Spice Up the Last Debate and #ROW80

  1. I hate politics, and since I’m not an American Citizen (yet. Give me 5 more years), I don’t get to vote here.
    Thumbs up for your progress!
    And since I like you I saw ordering an exercising DVD counts 😉
    Have a great week!

  2. Hubby and I would LOVE to see Sheldon as the moderator. That would be hilarious! You think he could get the candidates to sing “Soft Kitty”? Or maybe answer “If I could be any DC comic superhero, who would I be and why?” He may even be able to stump them with “What valuable contributions, if any, have you given the scientific community that would make me believe you’re brilliant enough to rule the world?”

    The buzzer thing could be pretty interesting, too. Especially if “True” “False” “Maybe” and “Political Speak” are flashing in the background behind them…LOL!

    1. GREAT ideas for Sheldon as moderator! Wouldn’t he ask some fascinating questions? I love the addition of “Political Speak” to the background. Have a great week, KItt!

  3. Kapow and a lightning round, I love it, that would be so much more fun. Oh, and the buzzer. Nope, sorry, that’s false. Nope, that’s also false. They’d need a box of extra buzzers, lol.
    You had a fabulous week, Julie. Well done. And ordering the DVD totally counts, you’ve bought into the intent. 🙂 Ya, I like you too, so I’m stretching things a little. Hope you have another fab week.

    1. Thanks, S.J. I feel like I keep making progress, but not necessarily the progress I originally intended. :/ You’d better kick my butt into gear next week if I don’t come back here and tell y’all I worked on that exercise DVD.

  4. Personally, I would like to see Holmes run for President. But Piper is a far better choice than either of the ones we’re stuck with.

    Congratulations on an excellent week, and I hope this one is just as productive.

  5. I love the list! Sheldon should be the next moderator–great idea! I do miss Tim Russert as a moderator and reporter. No one has been able to fill his shoes. Good luck with your goals. I still need to post mine and Sunday is almost over. Eek.

  6. I’d like to see them do Psy’s Gangnam Style personally. But I’ve been loving using the Wii Fit. What’s funny is that when I use it, the rest of the family likes to use it too. How’s the Scrivener class coming along? I use Scrivener myself and have come up with lots of neat little tricks but I bet a class would put me to shame. Good job on your goals and good luck this week 🙂

    1. I’d cracking up at the thought of Obama and Romney doing Gangnam Style! LOL.

      I highly recommend Gwen’s Scrivener class. It’s great, and I’m thrilled to be using the software more fully. Hey, I paid for it! I should get the most out of it, right?

      Have a great week, Ryan!

  7. Now that’s a debate I’d even watch! I love #3, and #8 & 9 made me LOL, but #2’s my fave – go Piper! And congrats to Julie for making some good progress – ordering a DVD totally counts for exercise. Keep up the good work and have a great week!

    1. I agree! Go Piper!!! Even if you disagree on an issue here or there with Piper, you know she’d bring gumption and common sense to the White House! Love her.

    1. Yes, I’m ready for the election to end too. Maybe Facebook will get nice again. :p

      Sheldon as moderator seems like a unanimous choice. I need to phone TBBT’s set and see if he’s available on short notice.

  8. I’m grateful for your continued support for the Bayard/Lamb ticket. Personally, I think it should be Barack and Ann and Mitt and Michele for the kissing contest. You know. A little multi-cultural diversity between Dems & Republicans.

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