Armadillos, Cow Tipping, and Silly Camp Songs

It’s an Amaze-ing Words Wednesday special! I had an interesting comments conversation with Jenny Hansen of the More Cowbell blog on Natalie Hartford’s Life Out Loud blog. Following my comment about the blog post itself…

Jenny Hansen says:

Julie, if they let ME teach Sunday School (and they do), I assure you they will always let you sit in the front row at church.

And do you really see Lone Star beer cans in your roadside armadillos??! That means the road killer would have to stop the car and put said can in the paws of the road killee. Am I the only one who finds that bizarre?

Yep, we had a menagerie of maniacal laughter over here – naked armadillos and Bengal Tigers!

  • Julie Glover says:
    LOL. You know my comment was in good fun, Jenny! :)

    I have seen pics of the armadillo & Lone Star can. It’s a college student prank apparently to find a dead armadillo on the drive home and pay your respects to his drunken demise.

    • Well, we tipped cows at Mizzou, so I guess I can’t make fun of the armadillo stagers. :-)
    • Julie Glover says:
      Do you know the “peel the banana” song that has a cow-tipping verse?
    • No!!! Links? Video? Lyrics…give me something here, girlfriend! Enquiring minds MUST know. :-)
    • Julie Glover says:
      Sending you a link on Twitter. And just for you, Jenny, I’m considering an instructional vlog post to teach this very important musical number. Would you shake your cowbell for me if I did it?
    • OF COURSE I would!!!
  • I am so moving to Texas someday! LOL!!!
    Another victim of
    Crossing the Highway while Intoxicated

    Although I would heartily welcome visitors to my wonderful Lone Star State, I didn’t want you to have to wait to find out what you need to know about armadillos, cow-tipping, and silly worded songs I learned at camp.

    Yes, church camp.

    As you know, I think one of the funnest things we can do with words is use them for humor. Word plays, curious idioms, and funny lyrics pique my interest. Some of you may remember songs with silly words like Little Bunny Foo-Foo or Baby Bumblebee. I don’t recall these from camp, but we did sing the Green Grass Grows All Around and the following diddy I haven’t heard anyone else sing:

    Ung-awa, ung-awa, ung-awa
    Ung-awa, ung-awa, ung-awa

    Now we’re from Nairobi
    Our team is the best
    We play the Watoosies
    They’re seven feet tall

    Like cannibals, they’ll eat us
    But they’ll never beat us
    ‘Cause we’re from Nairobi
    And we’re on the ball

    Singin’ ung-awa, ung-awa, ung-awa
    Ung-awa, ung-awa, ung-awa

    In fact, when I have sung it as an example, I get strange looks. Doesn’t anyone else know this song? It’s a funny rhyme: eat us/beat us. And who doesn’t like a song with the word “cannibal” in it?

    But that isn’t what I promised here. I promised a silly-worded song with a cow-tipping verse. So without further ado (get out your cowbells, Jenny et al.), here is The Banana Song:

    Do you enjoy silly songs? What are some of your favorite camp lyrics? Please share!

19 thoughts on “Armadillos, Cow Tipping, and Silly Camp Songs

  1. Oh My God…
    I don’t know what to say. I’m glad no one came by my computer and asked me what the HECK I was watching. I didn’t truly start howling until the “pop the corn” verse but the best was the guacamole and the tipping of the cow. You are so cute, Julie. Truly, I enjoyed it. HAAAAAAA

  2. LOL supposedly people went cow-tipping around here, but we don’t have armadillos in Ohio. That’s hilarious about the beers! We sung tons of fun songs at 4-H camp, and now I can’t remember a one (could be the beer I drank with dinner LOL).

    1. No armadillos in Ohio??? I must ask my native-Ohioan mother about this anomaly! I’ve never tipped a cow, but I have seen my share of them living in Texas. We definitely had an active 4-H too, but I wasn’t a member.

  3. I love how there are so many different versions of the same song! I do the banana song but with various bits: peel, chop, eat, smash, kick, go! With my Chinese students (where I have to explain the meaning of “go bananas!” and Scouts back home. Hilarious!

  4. That was awesome!! I’ll be thinking of you tonight when I make the guacamole 😀 and I think the last part of the mullet section should be changed to cut the mullet, cut, cut the mullet, lol. You are the cutest, Julie.

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