High School Halls: Top 10 Class Disruptions

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It’s Deep-Fried Friday, the day I bring you a sizzling, juicy topic which has been knocking around in my brain. This fall I’m doing a series on High School Halls, about those all-important teenage years with a look at That Was Then and This Is Now.

However, while I had a lesson plan in my head and was eager to have another “instructional day” with y’all, I was sidetracked this week. So in honor of my break here, here’s a list of the 10 Top Class Disruptions (or reasons why I don’t have a longer post today):

  1. Bomb threat. One prank phone call, and we’re on lock down until law enforcement clears this place. I hope it’s a smoke bomb.
  2. Pep rally. School spirit trumps learning, right? Would you rather learn algebra equations or watch a cheerleader pyramid? Yeah, me too.
  3. Fire drill. We would have beaten our last exit record if that couple hadn’t stayed in the bathroom making out until the assistant principal hosed them off.
  4. Student brought a weapon to school. And now the receptionist’s phone is ringing off the hook with helicopter mothers trying to make sure their kid is okay. Leave the gun at home, people.
  5. School assembly. Who knows what the topic is? Will there be visuals?
  6. Field Trip. Thank goodness others are chaperoning the field trip to the museum today. Meanwhile, I have some grading to catch up on.
  7. Foul weather. A hurricane is on its way, so let’s get out of school and start the super-fun, citywide evacuation.
  8. Drug-sniffing dogs are here. If your locker is number 1237, you may want to sneak out the back door. The dogs are barking, and the assistant principal is opening your locker right now.
  9. Blackout. Who turned off the electricity? With no lights, air conditioning, or computers, we might as well go home. This ain’t your great grandmother’s one-room schoolhouse.
  10. Senior Skip Day. I think the high school seniors went to the beach, but the classroom was empty today.

So how was your week? Did you skip anything you should have done? What were the best reasons your school canceled class?

3 thoughts on “High School Halls: Top 10 Class Disruptions

  1. Snow! The only trouble with that is my sister and I would have to shovel the sidewalk and driveway because we had the day off.

  2. If it snowed any at all, we stayed home. That’s Texas for you. So those were nice days since the snow was usually gone by mid-aftertoon. Other than that, I don’t remember school being cancelled. Of course the drug dogs came often. It was, after all, East Texas. But they just made us sit in class and wait. LOL

  3. My high school didn’t have air conditioning–except in a few select rooms–so whenever the temp climbed too high, they sent us home early. 🙂

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