I’m Awesome! I’m Awful! Epiphanies While Editing and #ROW80

As I work through edits of my YA contemporary novel, SHARING HUNTER MILLS, I feel like I am passing through manic-depressive disorder over and over in quick succession. I read one passage and think, “Wow, did I write that? I’m awesome!” And a little ways down the page, I read another passage and think, “Wow, did I write that? I’m awful!” And back and forth and back and forth… I have a feeling some writers out there can relate.

I wrote that?!!

Other epiphanies while editing include:

  • I apparently think people wink a lot. My characters need to tone down their eye issues.
  • I used several rhetorical devices without realizing it (e.g., anaphora), and adding a few more helped with pacing and intensity.
  • I need to strengthen my transitions from one scene or one chapter to the next.
  • I like my main characters and their quirkiness.
  • I like the story and want to continue chiseling and polishing this manuscript until it shines.

Not a bad set of realizations. I doubt that I’m either awesome or awful; I’m somewhere in between. However, my willingness to persevere with this WIP and do the hard work of editing actually makes me, well, a writer.

Let’s look at how my perseverance with ROW80 goals is going:

  • Cheer on the ROW80 participants. Check. I’m so impressed with how far we’ve come. Some of us have had a few less productive weeks, but on the whole the round has been a great one.
  • Revise SHARING HUNTER MILLS, my young adult contemporary novel, using Margie Lawson’s Deep EDITS program. Check. I am working through another lesson and looking at rhetorical devices and setting/description.
  • Exercise at least twice each week. Check. Zumba + a long, sweaty walk.
  • Submit a query for SHARING HUNTER. On hold, although I did get a partial request for a query I had already sent. I’ll reply tomorrow.
  • Read at least 50 pages of current craft book. Check. Reading Wired for Story. So far, it’s been wonderful.

Add on this week:

  • I want to keep fresh with writing, so I plan to work on writing a short story.
  • Write and present interview questions for three guests who will be stopping by my blog this fall. More information to come! I’m excited to have a few friends join me for my High School Halls blog series.

How are your ROW80 or other writing goals going? We’re coming down the home stretch! Be sure to wave your flags, throw confetti, and cheer everyone on. You can find them HERE.

19 thoughts on “I’m Awesome! I’m Awful! Epiphanies While Editing and #ROW80

  1. I think we all have those moments “wow, I’m awesome!” and “wow, I’m terrible!” LOL
    Yay for a great week! Super congrats on the request! That’s so awesome!!
    I found out that I do like writing shorter works, like novelettes and novellas … my problem is that usually my ideas are complex and require to be longer =P
    Here’s to another great week! 😉

  2. Oh my god, I’m dying over here over the eye issues. I’ve noticed that my first drafts usually have way too many facial tics (I don’t just limit it to the eyes). LOL…and transitions make me insane. I’m so bad at them, I don’t even write them anymore. I just leave a note for my critique partners. 🙂

    You’re book is going to be so shiny when you’re done! Go, Julie, gooooooooooooo!

  3. Julie, your progress is inspiring. Woohoo, for the partial request! My characters like to smirk. :-/ I’m working on a wider range of expressions. Have a great week!

  4. Yeah for another request, I’m doing the cabbage patch for you 🙂
    Last week I made sure I wasn’t throwing eyeballs across the room and I found a few, gross, so glad I found them, lol. In the process I realized how many times my h/h look at each other, good grief. I started another read through yesterday in prep for responding to my requests and came away with a similar reaction, wow…oh, not good. My eyes will be squeezed shut when I hit the send button. Good thing I have another WIP to dive into.
    Here’s to a fabulous week, Julie.

  5. Julie, you’re my idol. You’re having an awesome round! I need to get my butt in gear. Work at the day job as left me void of all inspiration. I reread some of my WIP last week to pick it up again, and I was doing the same as you – This is brilliant! This is horrid! *head desk*

    1. Jess, you need to step up your standards if I’m your idol. LOL! I don’t work a day job like you, so meanwhile I’m in awe of you full-timers squeezing out writing time. I’m sure your writing is far more brilliant than horrid. Keep at it! We’re coming to the finish line!

  6. Mine smile and bouncy too much, and I tend to have all of my characters very lovely- you’ve seen my FB you understand my obsessions 🙂 Those are what I need to work on. Just about to dive into edits so i’ll be right next to you freaking out.

  7. LOL I can relate! Sometimes, it’s like, huh. That’s pretty good. Actually, it’s really good! Others, it’s Ugh. This is pretty bad. Actually, really bad! My first draft characters tend to look, gaze, and smile way too much! Sounds like you had a productive week – here’s to another one!

  8. We all favor certain actions in our stories, often without realizing it. In my WIP I’ve found a lot of characters comforting each other with a hand on the shoulder. It must be some sort of cultural thing in my world… maybe.

    Congrats on all the progress!

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