I Think I’m a Funny Mom and #ROW80

When you think about becoming a parent, one of the things you don’t realize is just how much of your time is going to be pilfered away in driving your kids around. But even more frustrating is the waiting. In my 15 years of parenting, I have spent more hours in car lines dropping my kids off or picking them up from school, extra-curricular activities, and other events than J.R.R. Tolkien spent penning The Lord of the Rings.

To cope, I’ve developed a sense of humor about it. I may not be the best mom out there (I ain’t even close), but I have modeled to my kids how to get through difficulties by cracking jokes. Thus, the last time I was in the car-line-from-purgatory to pick up my high school son, and he was waiting on the school porch for my eventual arrival, I start texting him messages–one right after the other.

That last message was an unflattering photo of me with the words “yep. bored.”*

My son shared my quirky texts with a few other kids waiting for their parents. By the time I picked him up, I had entertained not only myself, but my 14 year old and a few of his friends. Perhaps I qualify as a “cool mom” now. Probably not, but hey, I’m a least a funny mom.

Now on to my serious side–a progress report of my ROW80 goals:

  • Finish reading Revision & Self-Editing by James Scott Bell. Done.
  • Cheer on the ROW80 participants. Done.
  • Edit at least 50 pages of SHARING HUNTER, my young adult contemporary novel. I’ll consider this done because I’m working through Margie Lawson’s EDITS program. This goal probably needs to be folded into that one below.
  • Exercise at least twice each week. My Zumba classes are on hiatus until next week. (I am eager.)
  • Submit a query for SHARING HUNTER. On hold until I complete more edits.
  • Work through at least two lessons of Margie Lawson’s Deep EDITS with YA novel. Got started, but didn’t get through two–more like one-half–but I did tag dialogue for the whole novel.
  • Read at least 50 pages of The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. Done and more. Read 100+ pages.

After a few weeks of not getting much done, I’m feeling good about this past week. I am building momentum that should take hold when the kids head back to school.

How about you? How did your week go? Do you have any funny parent stories to share? What do you do to entertain yourself or your kids when you’re bored?

Find my fearless, fabulous ROW80 friends HERE. Cheer them on if they’ve done well, or go for comic relief if they are feeling that purgatory pull.

*Sorry the screen shot is terrible. I spent way too long trying to figure out how to capture my screen on my Android phone and finally gave in to snapping a camera pic.

18 thoughts on “I Think I’m a Funny Mom and #ROW80

  1. LOL. I just get out my phone and play games or read an ebook while I wait. I don’t have to do this often now that my daughter has her license. But when I did, I tended to be late picking her up because I knew she’d be late coming out! So I usually didn’t have to wait for long.

    1. I usually read too, Jennette. However, I got caught off guard with the schedule that day and didn’t have my book with me. Frankly, that bit of imagination was probably the only writing I got to do all week!

  2. Love your attitude toward parenting! We are a laugh-o-holic family, too! Humor is the best antidote to …well just about everything. I swear by it! I share my quirky observations with my kids all the time – and we laugh, unabashed. It builds great relationship – and serves them well as they learn to ‘self-soothe’ through humor. :}

  3. I also only read on my phone when I’m waiting lol But that was funny … I hope to be a mom like that when my daughter is older 😉
    You’re doing great on your goals! And yay for zumba starting again soon!
    Have a great week, Julie!

    1. Thanks, Juliana. When your daughter is older, you’ll likely have those moments when you’re looking pretty darn cool and those moments when she’s embarrassed by your very existence. LOL. Have a lovely week, and enjoy every moment with your sweetie.

  4. Too funny, I love the photo 🙂 That will be me in a couple of weeks. I usually bring a book with me, but it’s hard to read once the line gets moving. I hate reading a sentence at a time.
    You are doing so well. Good for you, Julie.

    1. I’d forgotten my book that day. 😦 It is hard to read once the line starts to move, and it’s still at a snail’s pace. Enjoy the start of school. I hope that frees up a little more time for you to WRITE, SJ!

  5. Great progress this update, Julie! I didn’t bother updating today since I just returned from vacation and was so focused on laundry, housecleaning, and writing the next chapter in my wip so I could send it off to my critique partner on time.

    I’ll get back to ROW80 Wednesday. Hope to hear more wonderful news from you then, you funny mom. 🙂

    I always sing, making up lyrics about random stuff to make my kids laugh as we’re driving to/from errands and whatnot. They used to idolize me for my clever, silly rhyming ability. Now they just roll their eyes. Oh well.

  6. My oldest son was asked in school to write an essay on the coolest person he knew. He picked ME. It was a squeeee! moment. LOL

    Good job on your goals and good luck this week!

  7. Hilarious! I love the text messages you sent. Sometimes I bring my little netbook and write until the battery nearly run out. I have to take my writing time when I can find it. 🙂

  8. I’m just getting to the point in my life where I get to truly enjoy the car rides and long waits. My two daughters are 6 and 4, and both are in gymnastics/dance and soccer, so I would imagine that I will get to appreciate what you’re going through, although I won’t have anyone, aside from my wife, to send humorous texts to yet.

    I’m glad you feel accomplished this week. I’m just getting off the ground with RoW80, and I feel likewise satisfied with this week. Here’s to hoping that we can both feel this way a week from now!

  9. Seriously! No one tells you about all of the waiting around you do as a parent. I’ve gotten to where I carry a book with me all the time. It’s better now that they’re older and fairly self-sufficient. I will often go about my business and make them wait for me instead of the other way around.

  10. My daughter–age seven–is usually the one to entertain me. She makes up songs and stories, and creates the most wonderfully surreal jokes. My favorite:
    Her: “Knock, knock.”
    Me: “Who’s there?”
    Her: “Punchline.”
    Me: “Umm…punchline who?”
    Her: “Boogeyman’s coming!”
    I find the best way to keep from being bored is to just turn her loose. 🙂

  11. This was great. All of my friends love my mom because she’s crazy, weird, and fun. She cracks jokes all the time and is just silly in general. Sometimes I still give her that, “Mom, you are SO weird!!!” look…but (like she always says), “Would you rather me be crazy or grumpy?” I know the answer to that one! (And I’m sure your son would agree.)

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