Taking Hits, Losing Track, and Counting Blessings: #ROW80

I have been off-track for three weeks now! One week, I was diligently getting ready for church camp, writing curriculum, purchasing supplies, and preparing lessons. I did some writing, but I didn’t attack my ROW80 goals much.

The next week was camp. My summary is that I rarely had computer time and was on the internet for about two hours for the whole week. When I returned, I had 236 blog posts in my reading queue. *headdesk*

This past week has been a flurry of activity as well–very little of it writing. You see, my mother-in-law died last week. Moreover, as we were on our way out of town to see her as she lay dying, a lovely young lady slammed her vehicle into the back of ours and caused a five-car pile-up. This is our car.

Since it was 6 years old and the frame was very damaged throughout, it has been totalled. Although the insurance company has been wonderful (good customer service from State Farm), it has been another hassle to mess with.

Then a wonderful woman who co-taught at church camp with me a few years back finally died of breast cancer–much too young. My heart aches for this family.

And without too much detail, another friend received news that her husband has been behaving badly and is leaving.

In the wake of all that, I am asking What ROW80? It feels like I haven’t done anything on my goals in so long that I don’t even know where to start. I’m just trying to catch up on sleep, paperwork, laundry, etc. while managing the emotional stress of life.

All that said, I am grateful for the many blessings I have in my life. Let me count a few:

  • No one was hurt in the car accident.
  • The offending driver accepted responsibility and the insurance company claimed liability.
  • The offer for totalling our car was more than we expected to receive.
  • We still arrived in San Antonio with plenty of time to see my mother-in-law before she passed.
  • My mother-in-law passed peacefully.
  • My husband and his siblings are in agreement about arrangements, so there is no post-mortem family conflict.
  • My sons received a life lesson in saying goodbye to a loved one and grieving, and watching my husband walk them through that reminded me again how much I respect his wisdom and integrity.
  • My friends both have extensive support systems. The family of my friend who died and the woman whose husband has left have people to hold them up and care for them during their grief.

Somehow, no matter what you go through, having people who love you and whom you love back makes life manageable, hopeful, and even positive. Speaking of which, I do want to take a moment to feature two links from friends that you should know about.

First, romance author Roni Loren told her story about using photos on her blog and getting sued. Oh my! If you (somehow) haven’t seen her post, check it out HERE.

Love the cover!

And my fabulous blogger and real-life friend, Tiffany A. White, released her debut novel, a young adult mystery titled FOOTBALL SWEETHEART. Check it out HERE.

As for ROW80, forget goals. I’m not even listing them or any feigned progress. I’ll be back next week with checkmarks and happy faces!

Meanwhile, how’s your ROW80 going? Has life thrown you for a loop anywhere? Or let me live vicariously through you and tell me how wonderful your writing week was!

20 thoughts on “Taking Hits, Losing Track, and Counting Blessings: #ROW80

  1. +1 for life throwing me for a loop! No major events like deaths or car accidents, just migraines, friends I haven’t seen in years, and family obligations. I’m not expecting to get much done this week, either – heck, I’ll be doing well if I get my blogs written. Hope your coming week is better!

    1. That concept “balance” is so elusive, Jennette. I don’t think LIFE got the memo that it needs to balance with other stuff. Hope you have a good week too! Thanks.

  2. Julie, I adore your positive spirit. It’s what draws me to your blog and updates on a regular basis. Hang in there, and I look forward to hearing about your writing on Wednesday. I spent the week playing catch-up after a lovely respite getaway with my husband. I feel refreshed and ready to push back my sleeves as I dig into my wips. πŸ™‚

    1. One of my favorite SOAP (the TV show) quotes was from Jessica who said (something like), “If I wasn’t a little crazy, I’d be a lot crazy.” It’s my reminder that you have to go a little whacky and find the positive and the humor in whatever’s going on to keep your chin in and stay sane. So glad you had a getaway with your hubby! Sounds wonderful. Best wishes on the WIPs.

  3. Many, many hugs, Julie.
    Wow. What a week. I imagine that there will be some emo blow-back for some time to come, too.
    Yes, Row80 is fun, working toward (and accomplishing) goals is fun, but you’ve been dealing with Real Lifeβ„’, and that has to come first.

    1. Yes, it’s been quite a week indeed, Julia. However, my hubby is already a little excited about getting a new vehicle. There’s a silver lining for him. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Juliana. I can hear the Beatles singing in my head, “I have to admit it’s getting better. It’s getting better all the time. [It can’t get no worse.]” LOL.

  4. Julie, I am so sorry to hear about your car and my sympathies to your family. Your outlook on life is amazing.

    And thank you for the Football Sweetheart love. I love that we’re “real-life” friends. Because we are. ❀

  5. I’m sorry to hear all this has been happening, Julie. You sound amazingly positive through it all. Lots of love and good vibes for this week as you get back on track and deal with all the life things πŸ˜€

  6. What a couple of weeks. I’m impressed with how you are handling it all. ((big hugs))
    I’m looking forward to reading how this week goes. I hope you have a normal week and slide right back into your normal routine.

  7. Hi Julie, counting your blessings in dark times is a beautiful way to stay grounded. I admire your wisdom and strength. You are an inspiration. Will look forward to a happier check-in next week. May the coming week bring and increase of blessings.

  8. Such a tough week. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and friend, and so glad you weren’t hurt in that accident. Eek! *Hugs* Some weeks just weren’t meant to be writing weeks.

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