Summer Swingin’ and Stylin’: #ROW80

As I explained last week, I was not planning on getting much done on my ROW80 goals because I was going to church camp near Bandera, Texas. There is a single Internet connection in one particular building on the site, and access is limited. As a result, I spent about two hours online for the whole week.

On the writing/reading front, I did read one chapter of Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell, and I found a few moments to respond to some comments on my blog. I wrote Bible class curriculum for the young ones (9 through 11 year olds) for camp, and I enjoy that kind of writing as well.

Other highlights of the week include…

Jumping off the tire swing at the river (yes, it’s me):

Getting a care package at camp from a friend on the same week I posted about why I don’t want a (permanent) tattoo, with these inside:

Coming home to find my new crossbody cell phone carrier, as recommended by the incomparable Natalie Hartford, had arrived:

And spending time with 120 fabulous 9-11 year olds who made my week with their smiles, hugs, and love for God and each other. One little girl even gave me a gift on the last day–a “goodbye scarf” she knitted with her fingers:

For this coming week, I will be playing CATCH UP!!! I have the following goals:

  • Finish reading Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell.
  • Cheer on the ROW80 participants.
  • Edit at least 50 pages of SHARING HUNTER, my young adult contemporary novel.
  • Exercise at least twice this week.
  • Read a couple of books written by fabulous writer friends.
  • Scread the 196 blog posts that piled up in my queue.
  • Submit a query for SHARING HUNTER.

How are all of you doing? Are you feeling stylish and enjoying your summer? Getting your writing goals knocked out?

Best wishes to all of my fellow ROWers, whom you can find HERE.

7 thoughts on “Summer Swingin’ and Stylin’: #ROW80

  1. Wow, that sounds like a super fun time, Julie! I haven’t been to summer camp since I was 16, but I remember them being good times and learning experiences. It started my love of the outdoors, which really I wish I had more time to enjoy. Thanks for the nostalgic smile. Have a fantastic week 🙂

    1. It’s especially fun to hear the kids say, “Look, Ms. Julie’s going off the tire swing!” They’re so excited to see a 44-year-old woman make a big ol’ fool of herself. 🙂 I think it’s a blast.

  2. LOVE the tire swing…OMG what FUN!!
    Awwww I love the crossbody!! It’s gorgeous and I hope it does the trick!! Keep me posted…squeeee!!! YOU rock Julie…enjoy more fun in the sun!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love the tire-swing-jump-into-the-pond video clip. And the word “scread.” That so describes my blog hopping and responses this week since returning from Key West. Have fun!!

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