In Case of Stress, Grab Cookie Dough and Write: #ROW80

This week, I should simply take a large red Sharpie and make an X through my goals. I didn’t even try to tackle them. Instead, I’ve been working on curriculum, supply shopping, and other preparation for another church camp.

This camp is on the Medina River near San Antonio, Texas, and it is the camp I went to for all of my childhood years–from age 8 through 18. Now I’m in my 7th year of working with the children’s group (9 to 11 year olds), and this year we’ll have a whopping 120 students just in that age range.

I found myself super-stressed several times this week trying to put together everything I need to make next week a good experience for all. By Thursday, I had broken down and bought the Big Stress Crutch for me–Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough. Instead of the tube (which I’ve been known to attack with a spoon in tense moments), I went for the pre-measured dollops, so that I eat only one cookie at a time. One uncooked cookie. With chocolate chips. Yum.

And while I expected to set aside the ROW80 goals, I found that I couldn’t walk away from writing. Writing indeed has a therapeutic effect on me, so I let myself tinker with some plot bunnies and logged around 3k words this week on different projects. Some of those will go nowhere, but it was wonderful to throw words down on a page.

Last night, I pulled up one of those stress-moment exercises and read what I had written. It’s not Tolstoy, but I was pleased to discover that a few years into this, my writing has substantially improved. With knowledge, practice, training, and perseverance, a writer does get better. And the process of writing did indeed relieve some stress.

So this week’s progress, for what it’s worth:

  • Edit 50 pages per week of my young adult contemporary novel, SHARING HUNTER MILLS. Nope.
  • Send one agent query per week for SHARING HUNTER MILLS. Nope.
  • Finish reading Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. Nope. I started reading James Scott Bell’s Revision & Self-Editing instead because it seems more relevant while I’m living in Revision City. Finished four chapters.
  • Exercise twice a week. Nope.
  • Check in with ROW80 participants according to my role as a sponsor for Round 3. Yep!

How are your writing goals coming along? What do you do in super-stressful moments?

Wishing my fellow ROWers a terrific week!

Note: Like I said, I’m at a camp this week in the middle of Texas Hill Country. Very limited internet. My blog posts are scheduled for the week, but I may not be able to get here to respond to comments. If not, I’ll catch up with y’all next week. Blessings!

6 thoughts on “In Case of Stress, Grab Cookie Dough and Write: #ROW80

  1. Luckily, my writing goals are going well so far. The other goals, not perfect but not bad. When I am overwhelmed or stressed, I play computer games. Yeah, like that’s going to accomplish anything LOL. Hope all voes well with the rest of the church camp preparations!

  2. Life can butt its way in sometimes in yummy ways. I think it’s wonderful you have fun things going on in your life right now and I hope you are having a fab non-internet filled week. Go, Julie!!

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