Roped and Ragged: #ROW80

Each Sunday, I faithfully come here and report on my writing progress for the A Round of Words in 80 Days challenge. Week after week, I tend to knock some goals out like a prize-fighter, others I get several good punches in, and a couple of goals linger on the ropes with bloody noses and black eyes.

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Now I actually hate boxing, but I do like crossing off to-do lists. And I’m rather frustrated that a couple of major goals on my list are not done! So I’m ignoring the majority of my goals this week.

Below are my goals, but this coming week I am only focusing on the two goals in bold. The rest can fall to the ground and get the count to 10, and that’s just too bad. I need to rescue those roped and ragged ones that need to win the championship belt. (Seriously, hate boxing.) Anyway . . .

  • Log 5,000 words per week on young adult novel, SHARING HUNTER. This should result in a completed first draft. Done.
  • If first draft is finished, edit once through SHARING HUNTER. Editing.
  • Work on pitch and synopsis for DFW Writers’ Conference (taking place May 19-20).
  • Send in queries to four agents for SHARING HUNTER.
  • If I get all of that done, edit through THE YEAR OF FIRSTS, my middle grade novel which is in second draft form and has been gathering dust for a few months. Not yet.
  • Read one writing craft book. My choice this round is Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. Reading, but not very far in.
  • Read through issue of The Writer’s Digest. Started.
  • Read 10 books keeping to my At-Least-3 Reading Challenge for 2012. On #9.
  • Exercise three times a week–length of time to be determined. At camp last week; some exercise there.
  • NEW GOAL: Finish church camp lessons due by June 23 to be sent to the 8-10 teachers who will lead Bible classes. All but one are done.

How about you? Do you need to say NO to some goals to say YES to more important other ones? Do you find yourself with certain goals that are undone week after week?

Be sure to cheer on the other ROWers in the ring by clicking HERE. Have a great week!

14 thoughts on “Roped and Ragged: #ROW80

  1. Congrats on finish the first draft and good luck with the queries, Julie. Prioritizing is necessary sometimes – there’s only so many hours in the week!

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Good luck with your queries, Julie!
    These past two weeks, I did leave some goals behind in order to focus on the most important one, which is revising my novel. I feel bad about leaving the others behind, but I can do only so much. I didn’t expect to go back to revising the damn thing so much, alas, it’s happening.
    Here’s to a better week!

  3. Yes, I left some goals behind this round and almost all I was able to pick back up. My prioritizing is getting better, but my time is only going to get tighter. It’s time to tighten up the belt.
    I’m most pleased to see you prioritizing your goals this week. Smart. You know I’m looking forward to hearing that those queries have been sent. 😉 and I’m sure your teachers are looking forward to having the lessons. Have a great week.

  4. I often have to leave some – my weekly goals are more like signposts – over there the’ place of finish’ but there are little side roads along the road- as long as i get to the ‘place of finish’ sometime or other I don’t worry too much over where I stop to admire the view on the way – all the best:)

  5. Best of luck with your bold to-dos. I’m sending all my productive vibes your way. I can’t believe Round 2 is almost over. Hope to see you in Round 3!

  6. Yay for querying! You go, girl! Be brave. I understand preparing things for church. I’m a Sunday School teacher. I teach every other week. I get so nervous I start sweating. Sad, huh? Therefore, I have to prepare for a long time. Goals are great. Keep going strong, sister.

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