Vlogging from a Natural Park

This week I’ve been volunteering as assistant director for my church’s elementary camp. The county park where we go is less than a half hour away from my suburban home, yet we feel thrust into the midst of nature for a time of learning, interacting, and appreciating the beauty of God’s creation (minus the mosquitos, which I plan to ask God about someday).

For today’s Deep-Fried Friday, I am vlogging about natural parks. Protecting and maintaining these areas has been a goal of our government at all levels in the United States, and we citizens might as well enjoy the benefits.

Have you used government-preserved natural areas? What is your favorite county, state, or national park and why?

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4 thoughts on “Vlogging from a Natural Park

  1. It looks pretty out there. I have this book called Weird Texas. It says that Brazoria County has a bunch of haunted places. Of course, we’ve never been over there. We like to visit state and federal parks, though. I like to walk in the woods (believe it or not) and look around. You can see some awfully pretty stuff.

    By far, my two favorite state parks are Caddo Lake State Park and Pedernales Falls State Park.

  2. I love your vlog! I wish we lived closer so we could take long walks together!!! Think of all the things we would cover in our conversations!

  3. After hiking in Big Bay State Park last week in upper Wisconsin, I’m with ya! It always feels good to get out in nature for a minute. I was overcome by the clear, aqua blue color of Lake Superior’s water. So gorgeous! Glad you had fun hiking around in Mohawk County Park.

  4. What a wonderful way to vlog by letting us, you readers, accompany you on a morning wa lk in a national TX part! I could hear the secadas in the background, the early morning birds, & more. When I lived in Indiana, before I got sick & had to more to PA to live near family, there was a mountain bike trail park right by apt. I would take walk/runs w/my dog in morning/evenings. I would also pick blackberries & red raspberries to make jam! I did a lot of hiking, canoeing, rowboating, & cross country skiing when I was more active.

    Thanks for sharing your walk & park –

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