Howdy from Big D and #ROW80

Inspired by Kristen Lamb and Jenny Hansen, I’m vlogging from Dallas today, where I am attending the DFW Writers’ Conference. I have been blessed to meet some of the fabulous fellow writers who have been my cyberpals and encouragers for over a year now. Here’s a quick hello:

And now for the weekly ROW80 update:

  • Log 5,000 words per week on young adult novel, SHARING HUNTER. This should result in a completed first draft. I wrote 6,555 words on Monday and Tuesday and completed the first draft of SHARING HUNTER!
  • If first draft is finished, edit once through SHARING HUNTER. I’m waiting until I return from the DFW Writers’ Conference this weekend. While it’s tempting to try to get through an edit, I’d rather hold off that pressure and use my time to prepare for the conference.
  • Work on pitch and synopsis for DFW Writers’ Conference (taking place May 19-20). I pitched this weekend. I give this experience a thumbs-up.
  • If I get all of that done, edit through THE YEAR OF FIRSTS, my middle grade novel which is in second draft form and has been gathering dust for a few months. Waiting on 3 tasks above.
  • Read one writing craft book. My choice this round is Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers. Took a break from this goal until after the DFW Writers’ Conference.
  • Read through March/April issue of The Writer’s Digest. Now I can’t even find the magazine. *facepalm*
  • Take course from Tiffany Inman Lawson on 77 Secrets to Writing YA Fiction that Sells from the Margie Lawson Writers Academy. Working on the second assignment and plan to hit this hard next week, as it will help with edits for SHARING HUNTER.
  • Read 10 books keeping to my At-Least-3 Reading Challenge for 2012. On track. I have read five books so far: The Killer Inside Me; Getting Rid of Bradley; Graceling; The Man Who Was Thursday; and The Heart-Shaped Box.
  • Post ROW80 updates on Sundays. Here I am!
  • Exercise three times a week — length of time to be determined. I went to Zumba twice this week, but one of those sessions was 1 1/2 hours instead of the usual 1 hour, so I feel pretty good about this.

I will check back with my fellow ROW80ers next week once the conference high dies down a bit. Y’all have a great week!

25 thoughts on “Howdy from Big D and #ROW80

  1. How fun! LOVE the blogging. It was so wonderful getting to meet you n person. I really hope you return next year. Come early so you can hang with the SOO gang.

    1. Thanks, Kristen! I had a great time, learned a lot, and still wish I could have cloned myself to attend more workshops. I loved getting to hang out with you and other WANA friends. The SOO gang is awesome! (We’re winning.) *crossing fingers for next year*

  2. Julie, this is awesome! What a totally cute idea! Too bad you didn’t catch Piper to do some belly dancing. Next year! Actually…we seriously should all vlog together. I mean it.

    P.S. My room is lonely without you. 😦

    1. Thanks! Why didn’t we ask Piper to belly dance? *headsmack* I wanted to catch our whole group on video, but my camera had limited memory space and I don’t know where the rest of you had even gone in that shot. Next year… Thanks, Jess!

  3. Julie!! Warn a girl next time!! LOL I was just smiling away waiting for the picture to be taken. 🙂 And THANK YOU for taking my big whopping Yee-Haw out of this. It would have ruined my author career.

    It was so lovely meeting you! We really, REALLY need to do this more often.

  4. Thank you for sharing the video!! Makes me wish I was there all the more, but it was fun to see your sweet faces. Looks and sounds like you had a great time and you had a wonderful week topped off by finishing your draft, yahooo!! Go Julie, Go Julie 🙂

    1. Indeed! I wish so many other writer friends could have come. I was thrilled to finish my draft. Today, however, has been a definite recovery day. My nap time was marvelous! Thanks.

  5. that certainly looked like a fun place to be – glad you enjoyed as well as learnt – well done on the draft and all the best for this week

  6. Finally, I’m checking in for this!! I went from y’all down to my cousin’s in Austin (where they had SIX cats!!…I’m allergic to cats…) so it took a while to get back and get my act together. 🙂 LOVE the vlog!!

  7. LOL! I can see me in the background. OMG I’m famous! This was shot in between our Agent ambush. How funny and how lucky it wasn’t caught on camera! Brilliant Vlog!!!

  8. The conference sounds so much fun. And congrats on being on track with your goals.

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