Car, Cat, and the Number 7: Did I miss the end of #ROW80?

Today is March 23. Which means that ROW80 Round 1 completed yesterday, and I failed to put up a post either Wednesday or Thursday.

I had great intentions of getting a lot of writing done at the very end and posting a fabulous “I did it!” report. But only by way of explanation, not excuse, shall I say that my cat had a severe urinary infection which resulted in laundering and cleaning areas in my house he had inadvertently marked, two vet visits, several medications, and giving him IV fluids at home? Then my husband’s car battery died, so that ate into my schedule by a few hours. Some other family issues came up as well.

When I finally had time to write something, I couldn’t think. I was attempting to restore my schedule and sanity, but felt more like this:

Still, I’m a happy girl. None of that is big stuff. My life is pretty dang good. I should feel lucky.

Speaking of lucky, Julia King tagged me for the Lucky 7 Meme, for which I must: (1) go to page 77 of my current MS; (2) go to line 7; (3) copy down the next 7 lines/sentences or paragraphs (no cheating — post as written). There are a couple of rules about tagging others, but did you see that picture up there? I’m going to hold off on that part. Here’s a bit of SHARING HUNTER, a young adult novel:

“Nothin’.” Devon’s jaw is tight, and his eyes look past Hunter.

“C’mon, Devon. Tell me what’s going on.”

Devon turns to face Hunter but just shakes his head. He starts walking again toward the dugout. Balls are flying across the field between player pairs, and a couple of guys near home plate are swinging bats with circular weights around them. Hunter follows and catches up to Devon, pulls on his shoulder to stop him. “Devon.”

Devon spins around and shoves Hunter. “Don’t touch me.”

“What?” Hunter says. “What is your problem?”

“Uncool, dude,” Devon says, shaking his head, “Just very uncool.” He saunters off.

“This is about Chloe, isn’t it?” Hunter asks. “You think I treated you wrong by going out with her.”

Now onto the final ROW80 report:

  • Finish editing Grace & Fire mystery novel and send to reader. Finished January 19.
  • Write 2,500 1,500 words per week on young adult novel, Sharing HunterI now have over 23,000 words on my WIP.
  • Blog twice a week on Amaze-ing Words Wednesday and Deep-Fried Friday, and check-in with ROW80 updates twice a week. I blog regularly without problems and have even drafted several posts for the future.
  • Comment on at least 10 15 blogs per week (not counting ROW80 update comments). I ultimately achieved my goal of making blog reading and commenting a habit. I don’t feel the need to count anymore. I’m also glad that I have been visiting a broader range of sites.
  • Read one writing craft book. Finished On Writing by Stephen King.
  • Read five eight fiction books. I read 11 books, and I’m almost done with The Death Cure by James Dashner (third in the Maze Runner trilogy).
  • Exercise three times per week. Walk one mile three times per week. This goal suffered the most from my mononucleosis time. I’m letting myself off the hook and starting fresh next round.
  • Read through Writer’s Digest magazine issue. Finished.

Added goals:

We’ll be back on April 2 for Round 2. I am happy to be sponsoring yet again! Check out the final reports from my fellow ROW80 writers HERE.

Thanks for all the encouragement, y’all! It means so much.

14 thoughts on “Car, Cat, and the Number 7: Did I miss the end of #ROW80?

  1. I didn’t get done as much as I wanted, but I’m still happy with what I did. You did a fantastic job! Even stockpiling some blog posts! Color me envious. 🙂 That’s going to be one of my goals next time. See you there!

  2. You had a great round, Julie, and love the excerpt! As for the kitty, ew. Have dealt with that. YOu feel sorry for them, but there is nothing harder to get rid of than the smell of cat urine. Good luck!

  3. I’m so glad your kitty is feeling better!! Big hugs to you for pulling through and some scratches in his favorite spot for him
    Excellent round!! Not sure what is most exciting, the words, blog reading habits, building on your craft skills, post stock pile, agent pitch picking…exciting stuff Julie!!
    Looking forward to round 2!!

  4. I love, love, love your snippet. Ah, the angst.

    Sorry about your cat and car. It never fails that life throws us curveballs and then sits back and laughs when things start toppling.

    See you in Round 2!!

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