Me, in One Word Only and #ROW80

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I finally watched a presidential candidate debate — the Republican primary debate from Arizona that aired on February 22. CNN journalist John King moderated the debate among primary candidates Congressman Ron Paul, Former Senator Rick Santorum, Former Governor Mitt Romney, and Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. I was intrigued by a question chosen among many submitted by citizens through the CNN website.

Without caveat or explanation, please define yourself using one word, and one word only. — Andrea H.,

In case you’re curious, the candidates answered as follows: Paul – consistent; Santorum – courage; Romney – resolute; Gingrich – cheerful (the last answer received audience laughter). But enough about them. No politics here.

I gave the question some serious thought for myself, trying out possible adjectives like formal wear in a dressing room. Does this one fit? Does it capture my best qualities? Does it convey what I want to say? Does it make me look fat in the tummy?

It wasn’t too long before I found the word I wanted to use. Passionate.

That’s how I would describe myself. Despite some in my circle believing otherwise, I don’t have an opinion about everything. I don’t even care about a lot of things. But what I do take on in life, I approach with passion.

I am passionate about my marriage and my family. I am passionate about my writing. I am passionate about my faith. I am passionate about my friendships. I am passionate about language and its value of expression and connection. I am passionate about certain charities. And the list could go on.

I’m hoping to be passionate this coming week about my ROW80 goals, but here’s how I did this past week:

  • Finish editing Grace & Fire mystery novel and send to reader. Finished January 19.
  • Write 2,500 1,500 words per week on young adult novel, Sharing Hunter1,767 words for the week — which is what I had by Wednesday.
  • Blog twice a week on Amaze-ing Words Wednesday and Deep-Fried Friday, and check-in with ROW80 updates twice a week. Posted “And the Winner Is…: Award Names” and Look What You’ve Done to Me and #ROW80 on Wednesday and Going for a Guinness World Record on Friday.
  • Comment on at least 10 15 blogs per week (not counting ROW80 update comments). This was an amazing blog reading week. I caught up on a lot of posts I had tagged to read, as well as my usuals. All in all, I commented 54 times! Now that I type that number, I’m wondering if I had that much to say. Maybe I should shut up and leave people’s blogs alone.
  • Read one writing craft book. Finished On Writing by Stephen King. For those asking what I thought of On Writing, I didn’t get as much out of it as others have. There were some gems in there, but quite a bit of the book covered King himself and his writing. I’m not a big King fan, though.
  • Read five eight fiction books. Finished the 8th book last week! Started reading The Dirty Parts of the Bible by Sam Torode (highly recommended by a friend).
  • Exercise three times per week.
  • Read through Writer’s Digest magazine issue. All but one article finished.

Added goals for this coming week:

  • Write a scene for the Dirty Fighting Extravaganza hosted by Jenny Hansen at her More Cowbell blog. Tiffany Lawson Inman, aka the “Naked Editor,” will be choosing the top three entries and providing feedback.
  • Research agents for the DFW Writers Conference in May so I can request an agent for the pitch session.
  • Walk a mile three times a week. This past week, I felt some energy returning (post-mononucleosis), so I want to encourage that process by easing back into exercise.

Be sure to check out my fellow ROW80ers and wish them well HERE.

How is your ROW80 shaping up? How would you describe yourself in one word, and one word only?

13 thoughts on “Me, in One Word Only and #ROW80

  1. Ahhhmazing week Julie – wow – kickin’ it girl! And who can argue with your passion and zest for life…woot woot!
    So pumped for Jenny’s contest – FUN to play around with conflict scenes! 🙂
    Here’s to another bang up week ahead!!

  2. Fight! Fight! Fight!!! The last round of the contest was SO fun and I’m delighted that you and Nat are submitting. Tiffany has enough energy for 8 people. p.s. I’m delighted to hear that your energy is slowly seeping back. 🙂

    I LOVE this post. Passionate is a great word. I’ll have to think on mine and see what it is. (Plus you made me laugh with Newt Gingrich saying “cheerful.” Funny stuff.)

  3. You’re doing an amazing job, Julie. And passionate is a great word and awesome trait to have. Good luck this week, especially with the agent research!

  4. When I read the word you chose I smiled and applauded your choice! I am a very passionate person myself but I am not sure, right this moment, what word I would choose and I will have to think about it.

    Great Job on working your goals and may you find compassion for yourself while working them this week.


  5. Great job with your goals, Julie. Fifty-four blog comments – wow – that is impressive. On King, I found that his book was more about drawing on your own experiences, your own background and inner feelings on things then it was about craft – I think his assumption was that you should already know craft and here is the way to take it to another level.

    Have a great week 🙂

    1. That is perfectly put, Gene. I think that’s exactly what King’s assumption was. There wasn’t a lot of writing advice per se — more of “this is what I do, and I’m a bestseller.” Thanks for the encouragement!

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