Swooning Just a Bit

Even though I have been known to click on Roni Loren’s Boyfriend of the Week posts, I don’t generally ogle celebrity men or think about whom I find attractive or appealing. When asked which celebs are hot, I often draw a big blank and have to think really hard to come up with some names. It may be boring, but I consider my husband hot and I don’t much think about anyone else.

But voices?

That’s what gets me. I get big ol’ crushes on certain male singers’ voices! Something about their tone, smoothness, roughness, or pitch can curl my toes and make me happy that God created the opposite sex. And who are these phenoms that put me in a goose-pimply, snuggle-up-with-my-honey mood?

Here are my votes, which also display my eclectic music taste:

Dean Martin. A silky voice and a casual flair marked Dean Martin’s songs. This member of the Rat Pack has even been called the King of Cool. Thankfully, Martin recorded a LOT of love songs, such as Ain’t That a Kick in the Head, Return to Me, Everybody Loves
, and That’s Amoré. (Note: In the video below, Dean tells jokes for a while and then starts singing around the 2-minute mark.)

Elvis Presley. I know I’m not alone in this one and maybe it’s predictable, but Elvis had a wonderful singing voice which he paired with oomph that made a lot of girls squeal with delight. I do not squeal, but I can’t listen to Teddy Bear, All Shook Up, or Can’t Help Falling in Love without feeling a little heady.

Robert Plant. The lead singer of Led Zeppelin had a distinctive and intense voice. I liken him to a male version of Janis Joplin, giving it everything he has in the hard songs and playing with the slow ones. It’s a toss-up for me on whether Plant sounds better with
something like Whole Lotta Love or D’yer Maker. Then again, Fool in the Rain and Black Dog can’t be beat.

David Lee Roth. Another hard rocker, the original lead singer of Van Halen has a playboy singing style (and the lifestyle to go along). His Just a Gigolo/Ain’t Got Nobody
covers demonstrates that! But he sounds best to me when he’s singing You Really Got Me,
Unchained, or Pretty Woman. The jump kick is a bonus, right?

John Mellencamp. When this country boy came on the rock scene, he sneaked in to my radio with Jack & Diane. But Cougar turned Mellencamp ended up having a cat-scratchy voice that clawed its way into hit after hit. I love the way he delivers the lyric “Some people . . . say I’m obnoxious, and lazy; I’m uneducated; my opinion means nothin’. But I know I’m a real good dancer.” Try out Crumblin’ Down or Lonely Ol’ Night.

Lenny Kravitz. I first heard Lenny Kravitz singing Let Love Rule, and I was hooked. Soulful, hard-rocking, and edgy, his voice can fill a room. Some of his songs are not my cup of tea, but I definitely like Fly Away and Are You Gonna Go My Way.

Josh Turner. This country singer has an unbelievable range, singing tenor and bass equally well. Maybe it’s the smoothness in which he sings or the way his voice sounds soooo manly when it dips down in the low register, but whatever it is, I like it. From
Firecracker to Why Don’t We Just Dance, every time I hear his voice on the radio, I
crank it up. I especially enjoy Your Man.

I should be clear: I don’t want to do anything with these guys. I’m not attracted to them physically. In fact, some of them are not attractive. I just swoon when they sing!

How about you? Do you find yourself attracted to certain voices? Who do you think is a sexy singer?

19 thoughts on “Swooning Just a Bit

  1. Oh, man! I think Lenny Kravitz is sexiness defined (both musically and looks). There’s also something about his stage presence. *fans self* Yeah. Have I mentioned I can’t wait for the Hunger Games movie (in which he plays Cinna)? Yay!!

  2. Completely agree! All of these have/had great voices. John Turner’s is amazing. I love a deep, silky voice in a man. Fun post. And agree about Lenny Kravitz, too!

  3. Good choices! Voices I think are sexy —

    Men: Chris Isaac (remember Wicked Game?), Nick Cave (Red Right Hand), Chris Cornell (Fell on Black Days), Johnny Cash (Hurt), Kris Kristofferson (To Beat the Devil).

    Women: Stevie Nicks (Love’s a Hard Game to Play), Tina Turner (Better Be Good to Me), Emmylou Harris (Red Dirt Girl), Janis Joplin (Flower in the Sun), Chan Marshall/Cat Power (Song to Bobby or Metal Heart).

    Thanks for the Friday fun. 😀

  4. Robert Plant may have the sexiest voice ever. Oy!
    I also like the voice of Spin Doctor singer, Chris Barron, at least in song. The problem is that his face doesn’t match the voice! Ha!

  5. Thanks for the mention! And really I’m a very monogamous, in love girl, no harm in fictional crushes though. 😉

    And I love a gritty rock voice or a molasses-laced country one. You’ve picked some good ones. : )

    1. Yes, I know you are, Roni! LOL. But when you’ve asked for suggestions for BOTW, I really do scratch my head for a while before coming up with good mancandy options. I love Paul Newman’s comment – “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?” Still, I’ll eye a good juicy hamburger if one presents. 🙂

      “Molasses-laced country.” No wonder you’re a writer. I can picture that perfectly.

  6. Why has it been so long since I visited, Julie? Dunno. But, I need to remedy that.

    Johnny Cash? Yup. TOTALLY with you on Dean Martin. I saw him in Vegas (on the company dime) once and was frustrated he didn’t finish any of the songs he started. AAARGH!

    Now, put George Straight’s looks with his voice and I mentally cheat on my husband every time he sings.

    On the non singer front? Tom Selleck. WHO can listen to that liquid testosterone and not slobber?

    Oh! Oh! Blue Bloods is coming up in 8 minutes. Gotta run. Kleenex at the ready.

  7. These are some swoon worthy voices! Whenever I think of great voices I always think Alan Rickman, but for singing, Ville Valo the lead singer from HIM

  8. I completely agree with Josh Turner! His voice is so sexy! For singers, one of my favorites is Dick Haymes. He was a crooner as well and played in a few movies with Maureen O’Hara (whose Irish accent I love!). I can’t help but sigh when I hear his songs, especially, “It Had to be You.”
    And actually, even though he isn’t an English singer, I love this Korean guy, Park Hyo Shin, especially his song “Good Person”. His voice is deep, breathy and so soothing . . .sigh . . .

    1. I will definitely check out Dick Haymes. Now that you mention old movies, I can’t believe I left out Howard Keel, who starred in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Show Boat. What a voice! “It Had to Be You” must be one of my favorite standards. Thanks for the additions!

  9. Hi Julie! It looks like you’ve been productive. Kudos on all the blog comments and writing. I haven’t read Stephen King’s On Writing, Did you like it?

    Oh and Josh Turner makes me swoon 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Haley! (Long time, no chat — too long.)

      I hate to be the naysayer, but I didn’t get a whole lot out of King’s book. There were some gems about wtiting, but, to me, much of the book was about King himself. Now maybe King he looked and sang like Josh Turner…

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