The Kissing Disease & #ROW80

At my last update, I reported having been sick. I was 98% sure that I had strep throat. The signs were all there, or at least the killer sore throat. However, the lab results came back on Friday, and I have mononucleosis, aka “the kissing disease.” It is thus called because the virus that causes mono is spread by contact with saliva or mucus  (ick) stored in the nose or throat. Think of something like Poison Ivy passing a little bad stuff through her smooches, and you’ve got the danger of mono and liplocking.

I don’t know where I got it. There are certainly other sources than kissing, and my husband are only getting lip action from each other and he doesn’t have it. The incubation period, however, is around 4 weeks, so who can even trace back that far?

From all accounts, I will be resting and recuperating for at least two weeks, likely more, and may not feel 100% for up to three months. I am not throwing a pity party, though. After all, I say, “Hey, the common cold is too common for me. I want a real illness. Bring it on!” The great thing about being past 40 is that three months really isn’t that long anymore. I’ll be back before I know it, but in the meantime, these ROW80 goals are getting a rework to be realistic about this round.

Note my original goals, progress, and revisions for Round 1 of 2012:

  • Finish editing Grace & Fire mystery novel and send to reader. Finished January 19. Yeah, I don’t have to revise this one because it’s done!
  • Write 2,500 words per week on young adult novel, Sharing Hunter. I started reworking a scene I had written last week. I don’t know how many new words I logged with this, but it’s nowhere near 2,500. Both my physical and mental energy are diminished, so I’m taking this down to 1,500 words per week. Even if I log three days of 500 words, I’ll hit my goal.
  • Blog twice a week on Amaze-ing Words Wednesday and Deep-Fried Friday, and check-in with ROW80 updates twice a week. Posted 6 Ways to Say “You Spineless Weakling” and When Mom is Sick and my two updates. For now I’m sticking with this goal. Thankfully, I have several drafts in my queue, as I start typing something up whenever I get an idea and then revisit and flesh it out later.
  • Comment on at least 10 blogs per week (not counting ROW80 update comments). I have no idea how I did on this goal. I actually think I should increase this goal to 15 blogs per week. Reading short blog posts is do-able for me right now, and I find it easy to comment. I have noticed that I make more grammar and punctuation mistakes when my brain is foggy, but hopefully I’ll be forgiven for that.
  • Read one writing craft book. Reading On Writing; now on page 129 of 291. Keeping this one as is.
  • Read five fiction books. 4 down. Reading Hondo by Louis L’Amour (not my usual genre). I plan to increase this one too, since reading in my bed is a way of getting that R&R.  I think I can get through three more books at least — to eight fiction books for the round.
  • Exercise three times per week. No exercise, since I’ve been sick this week. Ain’t happening, period. That’s too bad because I was considering getting a Zumba skirt. Maybe later.

Now tell me how you are doing. Are you healthy? Knocking out some goals? Needing to revamp any of them?

23 thoughts on “The Kissing Disease & #ROW80

  1. I’m so sorry you are sick Julie! That’s super lame! I hope that you get better soon. To answer your questions though, I’m healthy and doing great work on my goals. Thanks for asking. And thanks for being so organized on your blog, it has inspired me to look for ways to be more organized on my own. Keep on keeping on! You inspire me!

  2. So sorry to hear you have Mono Julie. That’s rough. I’ve had that in the past. It kicked my butt.

    That said. Wow, you had a awesome week! Ah, really, your sick? I couldn’t tell by the amount of stuff you got done.

    I hear that ON Writing is a wonderful book. I hope you enjoy it. Hey, cut yourself some slack while you’re sick. Enjoy a good book and let your body rest. Take care of yourself Julie.

    I’m so glad I was able to drop by and see you. You are doing fabulous. 🙂

    1. Thanks. Clearly, it was my exercise and WIP goals that suffered. I am glad I was a bit ahead in the blogging department, or that would gone awry too. I hear that once you have had mono, that’s it. It should be like chicken pox, where once is enough. So you should be past that now, and I will be soon as well!

  3. Ugh, mono! Hope it’s better way before three months – but even if it isn’t, I love your attitude – after all, what better way to deal than by reading a lot??? Glad to see you’re revising your goals – that’s what’s great about ROW80. Good luck this week, and here’s hoping you have more up time than not – enjoy that reading!

    1. Yes, I love that aspect of ROW80. I was hoping to make my goals pretty steady this time, but of course life isn’t predictable. It will be nice to delve into more books! After all, Jennette, we writers are definitely readers too!

  4. Mono is rough, one of our kids had it a couple years ago and the course varies, can be brief, can be months. Hoping yours is the shorter variety. Do what you can and remember that progress is progress regardless of quantity.

    All the best for the coming week and your recovery 🙂

    1. Thanks, Gene! I’ve heard that adults get hit harder, but we’ll see. I have nothing to compare it to. I’m praying that shorter variety, though. Have a great week!

  5. Oh Dear Friend,
    I had mono twice. You’re only supposed to get it once. *bleh* The first time I was 6. All I remember is not being able to play on the playground for a very long time. The second time I was an adult and had children. The pain was awful. It’s sooooo hard to parent when you’re sick and mono is more than sick. The tiredness wore me out. Well the needs of the kids and my lack of energy wore me out but then you know exactly what I mean. I’m feeling your pain and I feel sorry for you.

  6. had that 40 yrs ago and it’s horrid – be kind look after yourself – let goals go if tired – sooner back the better but if you overdo it WILL take longer- all the best

  7. You’ve really accomplished a lot to have been so sick. I had a mild case of mono when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t that bad. My oldest son, however, had it when he was a teen, and he was miserable. His throat hurt so badly, he couldn’t eat and could barely drink anything. I hope yours doesn’t get that bad and that you recover quickly. Don’t overdo things this week!

    1. Thanks, Lauralynn! I wonder if you really did get mono from kissing, if you were a teen. 😉 I think I’m past the awful throat part; that was last week. Having done complete bedrest for several weeks during pregnancy, this will probably feel like no big deal. I can get up, walk around, write, read, etc. I just can’t Zumba. LOL! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. oh, yikes! just in time for valentine’s day!!

    i had mono when i was a teenager – was not a merry time. hope you rest up and feel better soon.

  9. Hope you’ll be back to normal in time for Valentine’s Day! I need to read some books on writing craft too. I’ve already made a list, but didn’t get to it yet. No time. Sigh.

  10. Oh no – mono is tough Julie. Arg – 3 months – wow! Well take care of you, follow doctor’s orders and know that we are all thinking about you!!! Sending you big hugs and hope you feel better soon….

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