When Mom is Sick

I have been sick all week. I started feeling bad on Sunday, went to the doctor on Tuesday and was tested for strep and mono, and still don’t feel 100%. I don’t know if my being sick is the universe mocking me for having written my What Will Get in Your Way post for the ROW80 challenge, in which I mention the possibility of illness being an obstacle to your writing goals. More likely, it was just a really bad idea to lick that shopping cart.

Since my brain has been like fudge this week, I am taking this Deep-Fried Friday to simply share what I’ve learned about when mom is sick (at least in my house).

  • Most of the food eaten by the family is either from the snack category or was obtained at a drive-through window.
  • Children must be told several times how far to stand away from you so as not to get catch what you have. I thought of carrying a yardstick around to measure.
  • Dishes are put away in all the wrong places, and Mom is still very happy.
  • Dad juggles almost good enough to get an offer from Barnum & Bailey. Only one to-do just couldn’t get done.
  • Children do chores the first time they are asked when their mother’s voice is feeble and hoarse. Maybe I should fake that voice year-round.
  • Mom gets complete control of the bedroom, making the night-table her medicine cabinet, the mattress her book and magazine pile, and claiming every last pillow for a cushy mountain of comfort.
  • Mom wears no make-up, her flannel pajamas, and furry slippers without one thought as to how she looks.
  • The house looks like it has been lived in by three men and two cats — which it has, without any clean-up from the mom.
  • Whiskey is a completely legitimate substance to imbibe when putting a dash of it into a cup of hot tea with honey for mom. (Thank goodness I had that bottle from that recipe that one time.)

Indeed, what I have learned is what I pretty much knew but have enjoyed getting a reminder of: I am so blessed by my husband and sons. Each day, my boys come in and check on me, and my husband has taken up the slack in the parenting realm and also taken care of me.

On the writing front, not much has happened. And that’s okay. I’ll be five-by-five next week and ready to kick it into gear.

So how do you handle being sick? What are your favorite remedies? Do you have someone special who takes care of you?

Oh my goodness! Update at 1:25 p.m.: It’s NOT strep. The doctor’s office called and said the positive test result was for mono, aka the “kissing disease.” Guess my honey should get tested now. 😉

38 thoughts on “When Mom is Sick

  1. Being sick is so FUN! (Please note sarcasm.) Glad to know you’re in capable-ish hands with your family.

    To answer your bolded question at the end, I handle being sick as the annoyance it is, interfering with the job stuff and making the fun stuff less fun. As I’m a bachelor and live alone, there is no one to take care of me when I’m sick. As for remedies, I’m an OTC guy all the way. Cough syrup has been my life’s blood for the last week.

    Enjoyed the post. Get all more better as soon as you can.

    1. There is some great OTC stuff. Nyquil is one of the best remedies when I have a cold! Unfortunately, strep required the doc visit. Thanks so much for the well-wishes!

  2. i used to be the kind of person who wanted to hybernate and not be bothered when I was sick. But since I met my husband, on the rare occasion that I am sick, I have accepted the fact that he will pamper me to death if i don’t get well.

    Drink lots of fluids, get your rest, and eat tons of vitamin C!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I cracked up at, “Thank goodness I had that bottle from that recipe that one time.”

    As for your question, I hate being sick. Generally, I just try to keep going. My husband reacts by buying me scads of OTC cold medicines and encouraging me to take them. Other than that, he doesn’t do much. The house goes from reasonably clean to utterly filthy in about 48 hours. We watch a lot more TV when I’m sick, and we eat a lot more convenience food.

    1. What’s really funny, Catie, is that it’s true! I’m not a hard liquor fan. So the vodka, brandy, and whiskey I have in my kitchen are all from recipes. LOL! But I was ready to do anything to deaden the pain in my throat.

      I can totally relate to your description. I finally went to the grocery store yesterday afternoon. The pantry was BARE.

  4. I have to say being sick sucks, but it can also be a little fun, like your specialty hot drink you mentioned, wearing the comfy clothes and watching movies. 🙂 Get well soon.

    1. Thanks, Nicole. Maybe we should pretend to be sick when we could really enjoy it: Just pick a Saturday to stay in jammies, drink hot toddies, and watch movies all day. That’s a nice idea!

  5. I must admit to being a bit jealous. I come from a family of “It’s just a flesh wound” people. If we cut off our left foot, we’re expected to hop. So generally if I’m sick, I only cut back my activities by half or so and try to ignore it. But that also means that, if I’m really sick, it’s a bit scary for the rest of the family, and they become quite solicitous of me. Faking it is a bit tempting at times.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon, Julie. 🙂

    1. That cracked me up, Piper. My father was the “flesh wound” side, and my mom was the “lemme get you a blanket, a milkshake, and cough syrup” side. What does that make me? Thanks for the well-wishes!

  6. I’m sorry you’ve been sick, but glad to heard you have plenty of love to get you through.
    Ah, the best medicine is all that concern and help.
    I’m someone who tries to ignore being sick until I crumble with pneumonia or something I can’t brush off. I don’t have time for sick, I say.
    Not a good way to go. It takes longer to mend.

    Take care.

    1. Yes, I usually ignore sickness well. This time, my doc said, “Wow, when you get sick, you really get sick” because the only times I’ve gone in for in the last several years were for flu, pneumonia, and now strep. Oh well. Thanks, Sandy!

  7. I’m super impressed that you still found time to blog when you are sick. I hope you get better soon and I am grateful that you are so dedicated to your work. I learn a lot from you every time I visit your blog! Thanks again, Julie!

    1. Thanks, Jayrod. The first time I wrote this post, I wasn’t sure if half of it even made sense. I had to polish a bit before I went “live”! I appreciate the compliment.

  8. I was sick earlier in the week too. Sorry to hear you were too. Hope you’re feeling better already!

  9. I have been sick all week too! I’m going to see the doctor AGAIN today because I’m not getting better. AACK! And because I don’t “look” sick everyone thinks I’m okay to make dinner and do the wash. Until they start saying, “there’s no food in the house”, and “where are the socks I put in the wash yesterday”, they don’t REALIZE that mum is ill and doesn’t feel like doing anything, okay? Geez! But my husband does whatever he’s asked, though it seems “time” pretty much stops in this household when I do.
    Hope you get better, Julie!

    1. You should crawl in bed, insert earplugs, and pull the covers over your head. Maybe they’ll get the hint, Patti! Hope you’re feeling better soon. I think this is the time of year when all the germs swirl around.

  10. I am LOL at “really bad idea to lick that shopping cart!” My husband cooks and grocery shops anyway, so the only thing that changes if I get sick is he does more taxi duty. He doesn’t wait on me, but with that I really can’t complain. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. Wow, Jennette, a husband who cooks? If my hubby goes before me (and I still have any energy left at 82), I’m going for that the next time around. 😉 Thanks!

  11. Aw… I hope you feel lots better soon! I turn into a kid when I’m sick in one significant way—I want my mommy! Actually, dad, too. My parents took such amazing care of us when we had a “bug” of any kind that anything others do pales by comparison. I’m finally learning the importance of REST while sick. (I used to think that as long as I was sitting or lying down, I was resting. Nope. Not for writing brains… ;))

    One of my mom’s best remedies: cardamom spiced tea and saltine crackers. Works every time!

  12. When hubby is sick he climbs into bed and curls up in the fetal position.

    When I am sick I still manage to do everything that needs to be done, just a little slower.

    This conclusion is based on what happened at my house the past 2 weeks.

    Julie you are lucky to have help!

    Feel better soon!

    1. My mother used to have a saying when it came to being sick: “Take it like a woman.” It seems like women tend to keep going when they’re sick. I only stop for stuff like this and the pneumonia I had once. Thanks, Jayne!

  13. Feel better soon, Julie!! I always gargle with warm salt water when I’m sick… My mom and dad always took such great care of me when I was feeling bad, and now I have a wonderful man who caters to my every need. Of course, it takes quite a bit to knock me down…really down. I think women handle not feeling well so much better than men.

    1. Thanks, Tiffany. I agree with you about women and illness. I haven’t tried the warm salt water this time around. I don’t know why. It’s worked before. Thanks!

  14. Sorry for my late comment, Julie. I hope you’re feeling better. I’m lucky that my husband is great about taking care of everything when I do get sick enough to be down. So glad you have the same thing. Try the salt water like Tiffany suggested, and also anything hot. That helps me. Good luck!

  15. Hope you’re better soon, Julie and everyone above who’s been sick lately. I too am impressed you manged to blog even while sick. If I were you I’d leave grocery shopping to someone else if you can’t deny your cart licking obsession. LOL As for me, when I’m sick, I curl up under the covers and sleep or read. No one really around to take care of so that’s not a prob but no one to take care of me either. My aunt lives nearby but she’s not very nurturing. Her idea of taking care of someone when they’re sick is to go get whatever is needed at the store (drugs, groceries, etc) and hand them off at the door — or rather around the door so she doesn’t get any germs. But that’s good too b/c when I’m sick I’m really good being left to my self to get over it. I keep whiskey on hand to make hot toddies The best cold medicine there is. 🙂

    1. I don’t think there is much to do when you’re sick but just lie there and recuperate. Sometimes I need something, but most of the time I just hide away in my covers and pillows cave. I’m glad your aunt is at least there to drop off supplies if needed. Take care, Rhonda!

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