Are You a Christmas Person?

It’s been a while since I gave a quiz. With the holiday season underway, today’s Deep-Fried Friday asks “Are you a Christmas person?”

While I enjoy certain aspects of Christmas – like caroling and A Charlie Brown Christmas – I approach other parts of the yuletide with this expression:

In my opinion, there are a lot of to-do’s, traffic, travel, and testiness involved with the holidays. However, I want to get into the spirit, so here’s a 10-question, multiple-choice quiz to decide how you measure up on the Xmas spirit-o-meter.

1. When it comes to holiday specials on television, I:

a. Curse at the TV when my regular programming gets preempted and send hate mail to the networks. The silly Christmas saps should be the ones to hunt down their shows, not me.

b. Turn on the TV, discover a special, and happily settle in to watch. Who doesn’t like Santa Claus is Coming to Town?

c. Track when the best specials will air and post a schedule on the refrigerator. I can’t stand the thought of missing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or The Year Without Santa Claus!

d. Own an extensive Christmas library of classics and watch one each day in anticipation of the big day. Heck, I know every word of Frosty the Snowman and You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.

2. For holiday decorating, our family:

a. Puts up a tabletop tree and a few stockings. That’s quite enough, thank you. My house isn’t a store display window.

b. Erects a nice Christmas tree with ornaments and a few household decorations about two weeks before. Then we can count down those 12 days of Christmas as presents start to pile under and around the tree.

c. Had a couple of trees, household decor, and outside lights up the day after Thanksgiving. I love this time of the year, and having a festive house is one way to amp up the holiday spirit and have a welcoming environment for our annual Christmas party.

d. Decorate several trees around the house, each with its own theme, and receive complaints from the neighbors about our extensive light show. But the families who come by in cars and slow down to look seem to like it a lot!

3. When it comes to cooking, my idea of holiday baking is:

a. Picking up rumballs at the local bakery for the office party. Those babies are good any time of year.

b. Baking and decorating Christmas cookies with my kids in the shapes of trees, wreaths, and Santa Claus. They especially enjoy sprinkles.

c. Hosting a party or two with fresh-baked goodies and handing out homemade bread and candy as gifts to family and friends.

d. Turning my kitchen into a Paula Deen playground for a couple of weeks beforehand. This is the best time to make breads, pies, fruitcake, and cookies. I have several holiday cookbooks that I put to good use during the Christmas season.

4. My favorite holiday movie is:

a. Die Hard – Terrorists interrupting a Christmas Eve party and Bruce Willis getting revenge? What could possibly compete?

b. A Christmas Story – Getting the toy you want for Christmas? Who can’t relate to this classic theme and its humor?

c. It’s a Wonderful Life – I love that part when Bedford Falls gathers at the house and Clarence gets his wings.

d. Miracle on 34th Street – Santa Claus is REAL. And if you don’t believe, you don’t receive.

5. Some people like to dress Christmas-y this time of year, and I:

a. Mock their dorky Christmas sweaters and Santa Claus hats, in person, on Facebook, and on Twitter. What are those fools thinking?

b. Have one nice Christmas sweater that I bring out to wear to the office or church party.

c. Own Christmas shirts, some holiday jewelry, and a set of red-and-green plaid pajamas to help me get into the seasonal swing.

d. Wear something festive every day in December, put Rudolph antlers on the dog, and have everyone pose in their brand-new Christmas pajamas for our annual family Christmas photo.

6. Santa Claus is:

a. The delusional character we invented to scare kids into behaving the rest of the year.

b. A jolly fictional character represented by seasonal workers in the mall who welcome little children onto their laps to rattle off their wish lists.

c. A fairytale figure who inspires us to be more generous toward others, especially toward little children.

d. The man who lives at the North Pole, has a workshop of elves, and visits every single child on Christmas night with his magical sleigh and flying reindeer.

7. On Black Friday, you could find me:

a. Snoozing in until 12:00 noon, then holing up at my house with a remote control and football on television. Let the idiots shop ’til they drop while I drink beer, eat leftover turkey, and yell at stupid referees.

b. Checking the flyers and websites for good deals, then concluding I don’t have the appropriate body armor for the trip. Maybe one day I’ll brace myself and venture out on that crazy shopping day.

c. Out for a couple of hours with friends or family to catch a few deals. I bought the latest electronic for 60% off (which the rest of you will only get for 50% off later).

d. Camped outside the store since midnight the night before, filing my fingernails into claw shape, and drawing a diagram strategy for me and my team to rush in and grab the best deals first.

8. When I see mistletoe, I:

a. Yank it down. I’m allergic, and what do a bunch of leaves have to do with whether I get lucky anyway.

b. Smile at the sweet notion that someone might get kissed underneath. For myself, it’s never worked any wonders, though.

c. Find my honey and plant a big smooch on  him. Why not use mistletoe as an excuse to get some lip-locking?

d. Drag everyone in my family underneath and give them a big kiss. Then hang some at my workplace to kiss that handsome coworker three cubicles down from me and the delicious Corrigan water guy. That’s what mistletoe is for, baby!

9. My favorite Christmas carol is:

a. Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. That song cracks me up.

b. Santa Claus is Coming to Town. That’s what this season is about.

c. O Holy Night. It’s a classic.

d. A toss-up between The Twelve Days of Christmas and Handel’s Messiah. The first helps me count down those precious days until Christmas arrives, while the second must be heard in its entirety to revel in the Christmas spirit.

10. My feelings about this quiz can be summed up as:

a. Can I have my 10 minutes back? This was a total waste of my time.

b. Cute, but I could have used the time for online holiday shopping.

c. Fun to take this quiz and start thinking about the Christmas spirit.

d. Are you kidding? I love EVERYTHING Christmas – even quizzes!

SCORING: Count up your a’s, b’s, c’s, and d’s. Which letter got the most answers?

from A Christmas Carol (2009)

Mostly a’sSCROOGE. On Christmas Eve, be prepared to be visited by three scary ghosts who need to jolt you into a little show of humanity and Christmas spirit. Drop the “Bah hum bug” attitude and find your inner elf.

from Yes, Virginia (2009)

Mostly b’sVIRGINIA. You have some doubts about this season, but you know deep down that “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” Still, you might want to take a Christmas lights tour or visit a Nativity scene to get yourself more excited about the holidays.

from How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Mostly c’sMAX. You understand that Christmas isn’t perfect, but you are determined to get into the spirit and have a great season no matter what. Put on that smile and pull the sleigh. It will all work out in the end!


Mostly d’sELF. You belong at the North Pole year-round just getting ready for Christmas – the best day of the year. Santa Claus is accepting applications for toybuilders, and I will happily write you a recommendation letter.

Best wishes as you try to rev up for the holidays in whatever way you celebrate! So let me know, are you a Christmas person? Are you a Hanukkah person? Or perhaps something else?

20 thoughts on “Are You a Christmas Person?

  1. Super fun quiz! I’m somewhere between a Virginia and a Max. To be honest: this year I’m having a harder time getting into it all. I think it’s b/c we’re travelling, so I’m lacking the motivation to decorate (except for the kids). But next weekend we’re having a get together with my brother and I’d like to be fully decorated for that. Maybe I just need to turn on the Christmas tunes?

    1. I’ve had a harder time as the years go by, and I have more to do during the season. As a kid, you can just revel in the magic of the season. As an adult, you have juggle everything to get it all done before the 25th. Yes, we should turn on the tunes, Erin! 🙂

  2. I am a scrooge. But I don’t like “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.” That song really grates on my nerves. My favorite Christmas song is, “Please Come Home For Christmas.” I prefer the Eagles version. My favorite Christmas move is The Ref.

    Last year, I watched a documentary that traced the origins of the way we celebrate Christmas. My husband–who is more of an elf than I am–didn’t enjoy this as much as I did. I thought it was super interesting.

    Fun post. I enjoyed reading the choices on your quiz. LOL

    1. Perhaps I should have posted a disclaimer that my home-grown quiz has no scientific validity whatsoever. The Eagles version of Please Come Home is great. Yet, I haven’t seen the Ref.

      I have researched Santa Claus and his origins and find that story fascinating. I also believe that Martin Luther was the first one to put lights on the tree. So we can blame him for all the hours spent untangling those dang strings of lights for the tree. Thanks, Catie!

  3. Fun quiz! I am not as much of a Grinch as I thought. I find it stressful to try to think of fun gifts that will be enjoyed for family members who already have everything they want (within reason), but when I do think of something special that they wouldn’t get themselves, I love it! I hate all the extras on my to-do list, but I enjoy the parties and get-togethers when the time comes. I am always looking for ways to make things easier while still being enjoyable for others. No baking for me – for my RWA chapter party, I am stopping at Subway on the way there LOL. There’s never enough “real” food, so hopefully that will go over well.

    1. I love Subway. That would be a hit for me. 🙂 The parties and get-togethers can be fun. Once I’m in the moment, I tend to really enjoy it. It’s the preparation, I suppose, that tickles my bah-hum-bug bone at times. :p

    1. Thanks, Diane. My hubby’s answers were all over too. Of course, since it’s not scientific, you can declare yourself to be whatever you want. Mrs. Claus, if you wish!

  4. Fun post, Julie. I guess I’m a Virginia. I read somewhere Dr.Suess was a Grinch. He didn’t like the way Christmas was commercialized. I don’t blame him.
    The song I’ll be Home for Christmas always makes me a bit sad. It was out during WW II and some documentaries play it while showing servicemen sitting around over seas. It always wrenches my heart.

    Besides really liking Oh Holy Night one of my favorite Christmas songs is the Snoopy and Red Baron one which I think is called Christmas Bells.

    I don’t really bake for the holiday and we do decorate but don’t overdo it. Outside I have a 4 ft white tree and 2 white light up reindeer who are looking at a star (also with lights) and a simple strand of blue lights around the house. It looks exceptionally peaceful when we get snow.

    1. Yes, based on my own quiz, I’m a Virginia. My favorite classic Christmas carol is O Holy Night as well, with What Child is This right behind it. I didn’t remember the Christmas Bells (Snoopy vs Red Baron) song. I found a video, though: (by the Royal Guardsmen). Thanks for sharing!

      P.S. Jealous of snow. My Texas home rarely gets it.

  5. Fun quiz! I’m a Virginia:) I do like Christmas as far as decorating goes, and I love it for Grace. But I get tired of the shopping, the hassle, etc. And it’s a lot of build up toa few minutes of fun, lol.

    Great post:)

    1. I think we’re cousins. I feel the same way about Christmas. I enjoy it for the sake of the kids, and the actual day is lovely. But the build-up is a lot of work for us adults. Happy Holidays, Stacy!

  6. FUN!!!

    I’m totally a Christmas person, although I do get cranky when my television programs are preempted for the holiday specials…. We put up a nice tree with just a few ornaments, stalkings, and a nativity scene inside and only some bush and tree strands of lights outside. I think we’d have to hire someone to put lights on the house, and we’re not going to do that. O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song of all time, and I love when we sing it at Midnight Mass; but other than that, I love Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. I sing that year round. LOL

    Great post, Julie!

    1. You put up “stalkings”? My, you’ve been writing a lot lately. LOL. 😉

      O Holy Night is my fave too! I probably need to pop in Christmas Time in Texas (George Strait) as well. Thanks for taking my crazy quiz, Tiffany! Happy Holidays.

  7. I’m definitely a Scrooge by this test. If I could get away with it, I’d crow “bah humbugh” to every station playing Christmas carols instead of my fave hits. 🙂 Well…in reality, I’m not that bad.

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