Tag, You’re IT!

In elementary school, I hated being IT. I was puny, an awkward runner, and not particularly interested in slapping people to make them freeze or become the new IT kid. But in the blogosphere, it’s fun!

So my thanks to author friend Tiffany A. White for hunting me down on the virtual playground and tagging me for the Writer’s Platform Building Campaign hosted by Rachael Harrie.

Here are the three simple rules:

You get tagged by someone;

You list 10 random facts about yourself; and

You tag 4 more people.

As if I didn’t already feel adequately esteemed, Tia Bach at Depression Cookies passed on the Kreativ Blogger Award to me! Given my love of grammar, it was a little hard for me to type that creative spelling. Just joking! I can totally relax and enjoy this award. Thanks so much to Tia! (You gotta love the title Depression Cookies, right? And she’s as much fun as you’d expect!)

For the Kreativ Blogger Award, I have:

The privilege of thanking the person who passed on the award;

The duty of writing seven things about yourself;

The honor of passing the award to 7 blogs.

So here it goes for both:


1.  The only two theater movies I’ve ever walked out of were The Fly(1986) and District 9 (2009). I wish I had left Pet Sematary (1989) – which disturbed my dreams for weeks – but I was on a date and too shy to demand we get out of there. Obviously, I hate gore.

2.  I have narrow feet. It’s hard to find shoes! If not for online shopping at Easy Spirit, Naturalizer, and Zappos, I would have to hire a cobbler to craft shoes to fit my skinny feet.

3.  I am adamant that the toilet paper should unfurl over not under. If you try to pull the T.P. from underneath, it can start a tissue avalanche and you end up with a heap on the floor. Wasted toilet paper. A shame!

4.  I collect matchboxes. It’s a little sad because I don’t get to add to it much. The collection began with my grandmother and was carried on by my sister and me. However, this was when smoking in public areas was common, and restaurants and businesses gave out matchbooks. It’s rare now. But I still like looking at the boxes and remembering places I’ve been.

5.  I hate coffee. When I drive through Starbucks, I order a peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream. It’s absolutely delicious!

6.  I’m determined to reintroduce the word “kench” back into the English language. It’s an obsolete term that means to laugh loudly. Isn’t it great? Y’all can help by throwing it into conversation anytime you see an opportunity.

7.  I have a scar on my forehead from an injury when I was 5 years old. I was jumping on the bed (against my parents’ rule) and slammed into the door’s corner. Blood gushed all over my Mom’s white shirt as she picked me up, and I got several stitches in my head. No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

8.  I took a year of Italian in college, and the best thing about it is that I can pronounce everything on the Olive Garden menu with no problem. Ciao!

9.  I love roller coasters. My heart broke when Astroworld in Houston closed. Still, I haven’t ridden the Boardwalk Bullet – which is only 30 minutes away. It’s on my list.

Boardwalk Bullet, Kemah, Texas

10.  I live in Ron Paul’s congressional district. Make of that what you will.


It’s my turn to slap tap 4 blogger friends in this Writer’s Campaign game of tag and to deliver 7 bloggers the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Double Whammy Winners – Tagged for Writer’s Platform Building Campaign AND Kreativ Blogger Award:

Erin Brambilla – I adore reading Erin’s blog and seeing the way she expertly juggles mommyhood and authorship. She’s terrific at both!

Jolyse Barnett – Jolyse’s posts make me appreciate the beauty and joys of life. I can imagine Jimmy Buffet songs playing in the background. After all, it’s entitled Margarita Moments & Other Escapes.

Catie Rhodes – Another favorite blogger who tells true crime and paranomal like no other! Catie also throws in fun posts about movies and more. Check out her Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie blog.

Julia King – Her Writing Jewels blog has a perfect balance of writing, reading, and Julia herself. Check out this young adult author.

Kreativ Blogger Winners – Tagged for a Kreativ Blogger Award:

Jennifer McCoy – Young adult author and fabulously stylish attendee at the #TambernyParty. Check out her blog with a book of the month and a movie of the week.

Amanda Bozeman – Romantic suspense author who writes about this and that on her Danger and Dancing blog.

Anne-Mhairi Simpson – Young adult fantasy author who blogs about health, books, and interviews.

Tamberny Awards Virtual After Party

Amber & Tiffany

In case you missed it, you haven’t really missed it! Amber West and Tiffany A. White hosted a Tamberny Awards show with their picks for the Emmys. I am hosting the Virtual After Party for this event. See more details at my post: I’m Throwing an After Party! You’re welcome to continue posting anything Emmy or Tamberny related on Twitter with the hashtag #Tambernyparty.

By the way, I had not seen most of the televisions shows nominated for Emmys. However, I was doing a happy dance when Downton Abbey received awards because that show was wonderful! You can watch season one on Netflix.

What did you enjoy most about the Emmys?

12 thoughts on “Tag, You’re IT!

  1. I have narrow feet too! I have taken to pretty much just wearing flip flops all the time. Nothing else fits. The narrows pinch my forefoot because I have bunions. The wides rub the flesh off my heel from slipping up and down. There's a wide selection of flip-flops. Flojos flip flops are made out of this neat fake suede material. Thanks for letting us get to know more about you. I just did a random facts post last Monday, so I'll do another in a few weeks. It's a nice topic for Monday. Thanks for the Kreativ blogger award!

  2. It's me, it's me!Thanks, Julie :). You know, I hate to break our streak of agreeing on things, but I'm a TP Under person. I think it's easier to rip off that way. Though I actually don't pay too much attention to it. As long as it gets changed at all. I missed the Emmys last night :(. I'll have to get the scoop online (especially the dresses, that's the most important part).

  3. My golly! I'm blushing. You are so sweet, Julie! We should make a movie or write a book called Julia and Julia. Oh, gosh, it's already taken. I feel honored to be on your blog. Thanks!!!

  4. Opps! I meant to write Julie and Julia. haha I'm just so used to typing the "a". Should have been an "e." I feel sheepish now. Totally destroyed the joke. Anyway, thanks! Mwah!

  5. Catie – I looked up Flojos. Seems like they're available in surf shops and at Zappos. I'll have to try those.Erin – TP under? *shakes head* I agree, though: As long as someone in the house changes it before you arrive!Julia – I love the Julie & Julia idea! Too bad it was already taken. I do get called Jules sometimes. Maybe Jewels & Jules?

  6. Now I want to find a place in my book to use "kench". I'll leave a thank-you to you in the first few pages of the novel upon its release, Julie.Patti

  7. JulieI completely commiserate with your hatred of being IT. I was always chubby and slow. Coffee is gross, period. I've tried so many times to tolerate it and no dice.Not a big Emmy fan, but I'm loving "kench!"

  8. Patricia & Stacy – Your comments made me kench! (See how easy it is to use that word?) I love that I have converts to my goal of getting kench back into the language. Oxford English Dictionary should take note! I'm sure if it shows up in Patti's novel, it will get picked up by OED. 🙂

  9. Loved learning about you! Another fanatic supporter for toilet paper rolling "over" not "under." Didn't realize it until I watch an old Knots Landing where Val went psycho on Karen over the toilet paper. I've been known to change it around when I "visit" places that do not conform to my obsession. Thanks for some new blogsites!

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