Wednesday Words: It is Lite or Light?

You will never catch me pulling into the “Krazy Kat Kar Wash.”  I don’t care if my vehicle looks like it emerged from a mudslide or the only thing visible through my front windshield is the collection of insects amassed from a three-hour drive down a farm-to-market road.  I simply cannot endorse the new craze of misspelling everything in sight to get a potential customer’s attention.

I know, I know.  Grammar snob.

But I have wondered when this craze began.  At what point did we decide to forego spell check and purposefully alter signs to grab a second look.  In fact, when was “All You Can Eat Night?” replaced by “All U Can Eat Nite”?  When did “crazy” become “krazy” and us not think that’s crazy?

And how far will this trend extend?  Will I eventually pull up to the “Dryv Throo” at my local “Chikn & Freyes” restaurant?  Will it reach my doctor’s office, so that I am greeted by a sign saying, “Akcepting Nu Payshunts!”  Where’s the line?

For me, a business can get my attention by delivering a quality product, excellent customer service, word-of-mouth advertising, and people dressed up as your corporate mascot waving me down from the road curb (?).


Liberty Tax Service Mascot

But I would prefer that you leave the English language intact.  It’s already a hodge-podge of spellings lifted from other languages and years of evolution.  It doesn’t need further confusion.

What misspellings have you noticed?  Do they get your attention?  If so, is that attention positive or negative?  Are you more likely or less likely to frequent these businesses?

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Words: It is Lite or Light?

  1. Definitely one of my pet peeves. I don't remember what the sign said now, but a few years ago, I noticed that someone had decided to do some fancy spelling on a school billboard. On purpose. Now that really got me going! LOL

  2. On a school billboard, Rhonda? Really? I remember it not being fun to explain the misspellings to my kids when they were learning to read. Now that one would really irritate me!

  3. I have a facebook friend that always misspells in his posts. I'm not sure if he is trying to be cute, or really doesn't know how to spell words such as would (wud) should (shud) and enough (enuff). Is this the way a 48 year old man "shud" spell in his posts that all his friends can see?

  4. I am a grammar fanatic as well and it has taken me months and months to acquiesce to shortening my spelling when I send a text. Each time I text a "u" instead of "you" I cringe inwardly. That type of thing I believe emanates from our crunch for time, our need to multitask all day long and I don't believe humans are wired for it. In my opinion, everyone is running on the fast track, trying to fit in too may tasks per day, and consequently we're shortening everything – the amount of time we spend communicating person-to-person, the amount of time we take to eat our meals…. I could go on. You get my drift.

  5. Julie, does this mean you hate my Friday FabOoolousness posts? 😦 I do take shortcuts with words when writing "unofficially" like on twitter (especially w/the 140 character limit)or via text messaging. But in the "official" world, it's a pet peeve of mine too. The one time I don't have a problem with "lite" (besides in my "unofficial" world, of course) is when referencig beer. Miller Lite….when I see "lite", I see drinking.

  6. No, that's clever, Tiffany – not wrong! :)(And yes, Lite is okay on a beer bottle or can. It's what I expect. Well, if I drank beer, that is.)I just think people should pause and ask if they are misspelling something to gain attention, and if that's the kind of attention they want. It can get out of hand.Being CLEVER with language is welcome!Also, Patricia & Tiffany, you HAVE to shorten on Twitter. I don't think informal texts and messages are stuck to the same rules as professional business names and signs. I posted about that once a few weeks ago. If u want, u can look it up!

  7. Thnk has do w/txtng. Kids shrtn wrds & nvr lrn to sp rite.Kk. Won't torture you with any more of that, but you get the idea. It's not just the texting, but the gaming of all kinds where kids who never learned to spell in the first place are constantly typing with their friends and seeking out more and more ways to shorten things.Could be the "clever" misspellings that don't shorten the word started with the creative name spelling trend.Just thots. 🙂 Couldn't resist. Ty 4 ur post.

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