Monday Musings: What Does Your Car Say?

I recently noticed that a Twitter friend of mine (William G. Jones) mentioned in his brief bio: “I drive a ’57 Chevy.”   On Twitter, you only get 160 characters to describe yourself, so you have to think hard about what summarizes your purpose in life, your personality, or generally why people should care one bit about your 140-character posts.  And I can tell you right now, it would have never crossed my mind to mention my car.

I have owned three cars in my life.  I currently drive a 10-year-old Honda Civic with over 120K miles on it.  Not nearly as cool as a ’57 Chevy, huh?

But I realize that I make assumptions about people based on what they drive.  And you might correctly presume a few things about me based on my car (pictured below).

1.  I am petite.  If I were a 6’2” 250-pounder, I wouldn’t be squeezing myself into that little car.  Instead, I stand on my tippy toes to get things off the top shelf at the grocery store and can still fit into the McDonald’s playroom tubes without too much difficulty.  So slipping myself into a compact car isn’t a stretch for me.  In fact, it’s reasonably roomy.

2.  I am frugal.  Well, at least about my car.  I don’t drive luxury, I don’t pay a lot for gasoline, and I clearly don’t replace my vehicle very often.   I would rather drive a reliable but relatively boring automobile and splurge in other areas – like eating out, pedicures, and books!

3.  I like green.  It’s my favorite color.  Maybe you couldn’t conclude that automatically, but most people choose a color that they like for their vehicle.  I’m good with any shade of green.

4. I have a family.  Admittedly, a lot of people who drive Civics do not have families, but one peek into my car and you would immediately see the evidence – drive-through cups, library books, a pair of dirty socks, school papers, and more.  And it’s a four-door sedan, meaning everyone gets his/her own door and window.  I have, however, avoided the purchase of a mini-van; although people tell me how convenient they are, a mini-van screams, “I drive a kid taxi!”

What I wish my car said about me (but it doesn’t) could be better communicated with this baby:

Yes, that’s Diana Riggs as Emma Peel from The Avengers, next to her powder blue Lotus Elan S3.  It says everything that I wish I could say about myself.  You fill in the blanks.

What do you think I wish my car said about me?  What does your car say about you?  What would you like to drive?  What do you wish your car said about you?

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: What Does Your Car Say?

  1. Right there with you on the finance priorities. Books and pedicures are much more important than fancy cars. While I don't drive a minivan, I do drive a crossover SUV–The Ford Freestyle. It's pretty much a glorified kid taxi :). Someday when I don't have 3 car seats to contend with at the same time, I'd love something smaller that takes even less gas, like a Prius.

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the mention!The '57 Chevy sure has been an attention-getter. Sad thing is, I've only driven it once and ridden in it twice this whole year. I use to drive it every chance I could get, but between this bad back of mine, a month of monsoon-like weather, and $4 / gallon gasoline, she's been pretty lonely in 2011.What I didn't mention is that my other car is a 2000 Monte Carlo SS, black on black and fully loaded–a car which I'm told leaves the impression that I "like fancy things". Also, it gets me labeled as a NASCAR-loving redneck. I bought it used after the spartan red 2-door Grand Prix that had served me faithfully for 14 years got totaled. Honest, buying the Monte Carlo had less to do with my love of all things Dale Earnhardt and more to do with the fact it looked and smelled like a new car in a price range where most used cars were ready for the junkyard. Being a black Monte Carlo was just icing on the cake.It's funny when I saw the pics of your car, it reminded me of one of the most significant events of my life. I was in California visiting a friend in January when my back went out for the final time. I'd had a ruptured disc for more than a decade but it was, ironically, squeezing into the back seat of a Civic similar to yours that put enough pressure on the disc to cause serious damage. Up til then, my back pain had only been pain, and the doctors said I had to live with it. After that, I spent two months in bed, barely able to move, before I could see a doctor and another five weeks trying conservative therapy before surgery. Even though I am 6'2" and 250 lbs, I'm fairly young, I should be able to squeeze into just about anything–and have over the years. But that little Honda did me a huge favor, as I'm pain free now and functioning so much better than ever! Or should I say, God used that little Honda to do me a big favor.I've already been told that I need to trade the Monte Carlo off as soon as I can afford to and look for an SUV. Breaks my heart. I like to keep cars for a long time. I like taking care of them, fixing whatever little problems arise, and getting to know all their quirks. Sorry to ramble, I just love talking cars. Thanks for the mention and letting my bio inspire your post for the day!

  3. I'm pretty sure my car (or truck, whatever you consider a Yukon) says that I'm a Texan – the bigger, the better. I don't have a family to justify the huge car, I just don't like feeling like I'm sitting on the ground (I used to drive a T-bird). I moved up from the T-bird to an Expolorer, and now I'm up to the Yukon. I don't think I'll go much bigger, but I also don't think I'll go much smaller either. Like I said, Texan!

  4. Erin – I'm past the car seat days, but I may need to upgrade soon to fit the teenage boy legs into my car! Any SUV is cooler than a van in my book – but maybe that's because I remember vans as cargo toters when I was growing up.

  5. William – I'm so sorry about your back! How awful! Black Monte Carlo sounds pretty cool, though. I think your cars say a lot better things about you than mine say about me! I need to live it up a little, I guess.

  6. Tiffany -So that was YOU blocking my view on the road today! ;)I have considered getting a truck next. That's totally giving into the bigger-is-better Texan viewpoint, eh?

  7. My 2007 sea-green Toyota Yaris says: At this moment in life, efficient gas mileage and an affordable car payment are higher priorities than getting to drive what I was truly intended to drive, which is either a convertible T-Bird, or alternately, a '55 sapphire-blue Sunbeam-Talbot Alpine Sports Mark 1 Roadster just like the one Grace Kelly drove in "To Catch a Thief." See

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