Monday Musings: The Best Sport

If I had to write a personal ad, it might look something like this:

Young-ish, attractive (enough) female seeks tall, broad-shouldered, thin, dark-haired male to provide intellectual companionship, enough financial security so that she can keep writing and raising her kids in waking hours, assurance that he will check any weird night noises and squash cockroaches found within a one-mile radius, and physical affection that rivals the last romance novel she raced through.  Must love kids, clutter, take-out food, and baseball.

Thank goodness I’m already married!   And my hubby fits the bill pretty well. 

Well, he’s had to get used to the clutter, which we both make along with some top-notch efforts by our kids.  And he’s not crazy about take-out; but then, he’s not crazy about my cooking either.  He will squash bugs for me, but he complains that I’m a wuss the whole time.

Very importantly, though, he loves baseball.  I know that football has statistically overtaken the ballpark sport as the most-watched in America.  But I refuse to believe that linemen slamming into one another repeatedly and knocking people down is the best sport.  That, my friends, is baseball.

Things I Love About Baseball

1.  It can be played by average-sized men.  When I watch professional football and basketball now, it’s like watching Godzilla vs. King Kong.  How did these guys get so big?  A regular David would need a sling, a grenade, and a bazooka to go against those Goliaths!  By contrast, the average team height of a MLB player is between 6’0” and 6’2”.  That’s taller than the average height of 5’9.4”, but not gargantuan.

2.  It requires skill for every player on the field.  I know that there is some serious strategy involved in football, but I dated a college football player for a while.  And the reality is that his entire job was to smack the person in front of him as hard as possible.  That’s it.  Block and tackle is what half of the team is there to do.  In baseball, every player must be able to throw, hit, field, and catch.  Moreover, they must strategize, anticipate, and execute plays.  A perfectly timed triple play is a thing of beauty – as sculpted as a Michelangelo and as eye-catching as a Van Gogh.

3.  It has its own culture.  Attend a baseball game and tell me it isn’t flat-out fun to stand in the middle of the 7th inning and sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” at the top of your voice with thousands of other fans!  This sport has its own song (“Take Me Out”), its own food (hot dogs), its own instrument (organ – okay, shared with hockey), and the best sports parks ever.

4.  It is statistically more likely to know who the best teams are.  With teams playing 3 games in a series against each other and the World Series determined by the best 4 of 7, you’re much more likely to get an accurate assessment of who’s the best!  I like that certainty.

5.  It can be seen just about anywhere in America.  If you don’t have a major league nearby, there’s sure to be a Triple A, Double A, or Single A team within driving distance.  And you can typically get a cheap-priced ticket; maybe not in the best seats, but you can attend a game without having to hock your Beanie Baby collection. So you have no excuse not to attend a baseball game at least once in your life!

6.  The build of baseball players is nice.  I’m just sayin’.

David Wright
Grady Sizemore
Brad Ausmus

If my husband precedes me in reaching the hereafter, I don’t know where I’d find another great guy like him!  But I might be seen at the ballpark, eyeing the next guy at bat.  Or at least watching for a good-looking guy in the stands, eating a dog and sloshing his drink as he sings, “One! Two! Three strikes, You’re out! At the ol’ ball game!”

What activity do you love to share with your honey?  What do you think is the best sport or recreational pastime?

5 thoughts on “Monday Musings: The Best Sport

  1. Julie!! I love the Astros! I grew up going to the games with my aunt & uncle in Houston. I remember being an 8 year old little girl developing what turned into a life-long crush on Craig Biggio. I remember standing behind home plate in the Astrodome staring at his beautiful bottom squatting behind the plate. I have many Biggio tshirts, a bobblehead, a signed mini-bat, and a Sunshine Kids pin.I've converted my man into an Astros fan too. When we started dating, if he came into my apartment and saw baseball on the television, he would say, "Uh, I'm leaving if you don't change the channel." Now? He yells at me from the living room, "We just took the lead!"Besides Astros baseball, my favorite sport is college football – specifically the Texas Tech Red Raiders! I also love NCAA basketball: there is nothing like March Madness in the sporting world. Boxing, the horse races, you name it! I'm like a boy….

  2. I grew in C.C. but with a Houstonian father, we were always Astros fans too. Now I live in the metro area! Biggio is great (my family was at the game the night he broke the doubles record!). I'm praying for another good season soon!I LOVE that you converted your man to baseball!Also lived in Lubbock for a while, so I'm happy with Red Raiders winning!Not crazy about boxing, but seriously considering throwing a Royal Ascot horse race party – just see we can all wear fabulous hats like the Brits do.

  3. Sorry, for me Football is and always will be king! From the toughness of the sport (and yes that means huge risk – see ) to the excitement of the game and the splendor of the halftime show, it is a rush for me! I love everything about football. I've always loved it…. Spent hundreds of hours watching football on TV with Dad. And in high school I got to meet and shake the hand of football great, Roger Staubach – wow! I attended the Cotton Bowl in 1981 – Baylor vs Alabama. To boot, I also spent countless hours as a kid PLAYING football with my best friend and next-door neighbor, Chuck. Good times!However…. I will be there all the way to support the 'stros!

  4. OUCH! for that video. Yes, football is risky.You got to meet Roger Staubach; my family has met Andy Pettitte!And if I remember correctly, Chuck and I beat you and Barbara almost every time in football. Or maybe that's just my childhood memory, but it's a good one.Glad there are some football fans out there!

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